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How does the commercial version of the self propelled walk behind Lawnboy 21" w/ 2 cycle Duraforce engine compare to the Suzuki powered Toro Proline with respect to:

- Drivetrain: The Proline is 3 speed and positive traction. Is the Lawnboy's drivetrain identical? Are the Toro's steel drive wheels interchangeable with the Lawnboy's plastic ones?

- Deck: Are both machines made of the same material and thickness? I am primarily interested in the Lawnboy due to it's dedicated side discharge vs Toro's wrap around plastic side discharge. Will the Lawnboy clog in tall/thick grass vs the Toro?

- Engine: Why is the Suzuki such a great engine and how does the Duraforce compare? Is the Duraforce on the commercial Lawnboy jetted as lean as the residential verision?

- Handlebars & Controls: The Toro has really heavy duty handles. How does the LB compare? The LB has the 3 speed controls at the handles, the Toro's is on the deck. Is this a problem? The Toro (at least the one I have seen) has a kill/propell lever as one. The LB has two levers one for propell and the other for engine kill. Which do you prefer and why?

Thanks in advance,
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