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lawnboy won't stay running


LawnSite Silver Member
i have a 2003 lawnboy 10323 duraforce silver series engine.. my problem is when i prime it and pull the cord it runs aslong as you press the primer bulb. anyone know what the problem might be? also its 6.5 hp. thanks for the replies.


LawnSite Silver Member
what about the top crank seal, or a dirty air filter??? i have no clue, i'm hoping to get some answers from the people who know...


LawnSite Gold Member
Nashua, NH
Well, maybe this diagram will help you, i know how to do it but can't really put it to words because i don't know half of the part names! Hope this helps give a better idea of what is where on the carb to give you a better idea of what you have to do. Its a briggs diagram but should help! Good Luck. (also, the text below goes with the pic, here is the website anyway!!: http://www.lawn-mower-shop.com/carb2.htm )

The pic may be easier to read on the website!! Good luck!



LawnSite Fanatic
McMurray, PA
LawnBoy Duraforce is their own engine, 2 cycle - been used for the past few years. I have one on a commercial 21" machine, not the silver series like yours. I don't know the differences, but one thing that may be a problem is a clogged screen in the carb bowl.

The exploded picture above was not of a LB, but a B&S (I think that what was said). The LB isn't that much different, but one major difference is a screen over the pickup that is deep inside the bowl, below the float. I had mine clogged earlier this summer, and the pattern was similar to what was stated, until finally it would not start.

Do you have a parts manual? If not, go to the LB website and find the right parts manual, get an exploded view of the carb. You will probably find the screen I am speaking about. It is part #9 in the drawing.


I may not have the right s/n series for your model (10323), but you can back up and find the right s/n drawing. I doubt the carb has changes.

Just something for you to try to resolve the problem -- maybe my idea is right, maybe not.