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I never could figure the idea of having one wheel off-set on the lawn-boy push mowers. I never could see that it cut better. I found that on rough areas the front would catch on humps because there was no wheel to hold it up.


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i've used one, they are awful i wouldn't buy one of those crappers for nothing, i've got a wal'mart mower that will mow circles around one of those, they push hard and like you said the slighted mound or mole hole and they're scalping the hell out of whatever yard your mowing. but hey that's just my opinion and opinions are like *ssholes everybodies gotem and most of'em stink


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Just gotta learn how to push them. Once cut the lawn of a friend in the golf business with our Lawnboys. He called me that nite To comment about how it looked, and said, &quot;Nothing can beat the cut of an old staggered wheel Lawnboy.&quot; (Referring to ornamental turf, not sports turf.)<p>The staggered wheel helps to prevent scalping in general. You do need to learn to watch the front of the mower. <br>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<p>


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i have a 21inch 4.5 horsepower silver series lawnboy. its about 6 years old. its a goood mower but there just not build like they used to be. i no about 10 diffrent people with lawn boys 20+ years old still going strong and cut great. the new oned dont cut nearly as smoooth and the engines are not nearly as good. i have not ever had a problem with scalping unless im cutting real short wich i dont do. it does clog quite easily because of the smalll discharge chute. it has a special mulching fan on top of the blade and its still mulches like shi*! i wouldnt buy another... i hardly eery even use 21inch mowers any more. maybe a hour a week when i am foeced to. my next 21inch will be a 99 dollar sears special!
I’ve been using different Lawnboy models for over 20 years. The trick of using a staggered wheel setup is to watch the front left wheel doesn’t go off the edge or into a hole. I cut most of my lawns at 1” to 1 ¼” without any problems.<p>I currently use both an “M” series 21” and a commercial grade 21” staggered. You cannot beat the Lawnboy for picking up pine needles & leaves on a lawn that you’re cutting. Most of the lawns I do are under 500 sq.ft. Also, these machines are so much lighter than a commercial grade Toro or Snapper. I’ve used both. They’re mark up the lawns to bad when wet.<p>Will my next new machine be a Lawnboy? Unfortunately, no.<br>1.The new commercial engines “suck “! I’m quoting my mower equipment mechanic.<br>2.Lawnboy's are not available in California anymore. Though you can get the good commercial block engine replacements if your old deck is in good shape.<br>The era of the 2 cycle engine in California is coming to an end. They can’t meet the very strict emissions requirement of California.<br><p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044

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