Lawncare hourly rate??? what do you guys get?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ziob, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Ziob

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    just curious what you guys get for an hourly rate per man for your basic lawncare. then what you charge for basic labor like fertilizer application, leaf clean-up etc.

    just making sure were in the right ballpark area for the northeast or if were to cheap.
  2. Stillwater

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    this is a question that most will not answer directly or honestly for common sense and competition reasons.

    Ball park nation wide for licenced and insured and above board businesses is as low as 30 per man hour to as high as 75.00 or more per man... per hour. and on top of that with some their is also a hourly rate for any type of machine use.
  3. MileHigh

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    I get every job I bid.

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    35 per hour per guy. usually
  5. CCC52

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    Now there's an honest answer. I hold to $25 for older clients I've had for 15-20 years and make sure they know they're not paying top dollar. They've kept me alfloat when times were tough. I have great relationships with those folks though, money is good but relationships are too. I shoot for $35 on average, PIA types often bite on higher bids provided it's a straight bid with no reference to hourly. I'd prefer disclosing the amount but lawncare seems to rank just under 'garbageman' to some folks. I'm a homeowner and I know when I call a professional to do almost anything their hourly is going to be more than mine. But I respect them and pay them for their expertise in their fields. That's life.

    If I stuck at $25 across the board I'd be screwed. My home, truck, and tools are all paid for and that's nice but even solo I have to insure all of that along with 2 other vehicles and myself . My meager health insurance runs about $100 more a month than the bare minimum policy I had. If I had fulltime employees and offered such a benefit I'd need to see $50 an hour or more. Guys out there do it and I know why, they've got folks out busting it all day/every day that deserve benefits.

    My personal opinion on an hourly rate, it's 2009, $35 or more. Now the folks I mentioned who get the discount? I've maintained their properties for years and years so their properties are in good shape. Bidding new work at their price would be as unfair to them as it would be to myself but I don't look at not raising their rates as a loss. They've kept me, I can look back to harder times and remember when they allowed me to do extras they really might not have wanted but they knew I needed the income. I have a friend that's an all-around handyman. $50 an hour anytime/anyplace, he charges my parents $25 because they floated him some extra work when he was most in need. I never ask a thing of him!

    As always, just my opinion. I'm thinking $35 is on the bargain end of the overall spectrum per hour. Works o.k. for my needs at this point.
  6. scagwildcat

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    from nw. ct.
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    were in ct are you located?
    your hourly price is up to you, only you can know what you need to cover your costs,and what you want to make in the end. i have a base hourly rate that i use to estimate jobs, but the customer doeasnt know it!

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    also let me say i use a ton of variables to decide how much i want to make an hour, i dont just stick to 35, some jobs i will price per hour if i cant decide how long it will take us, or if it looks like a pita, other that i know how long it will take i will charge a flat price, like say 350 for spring cleanup on said yard.

    other variables i use are how much of a pain in the ass are the customer going to be to me??? it sounds funny but we have what we like to call an azzhole tax, which can be more or less depending on how much of an azzhole the guy is.
  8. lawnpro724

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    $50 per man hr $5hr large equipment $2hr small equipment and $.75per mile driven if out of city limits.
  9. SilverPeakServices

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    I charge $35 per man hour. That is enough to cover costs and make a profit. Anything below that and you are only hurting yourself.

    The azzhole tax is something to keep in mind. That is a great idea!!
  10. grasschopperofchicago

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    $35.00@hour?...seriously?...that is almost like working for free if you are paying someone!
    Generally this industry is about $60-75 per hour for Lawn Care to make a profit, if you are solo you may be able to work for $35.00 @hour but after taxes, insurance, equipment depreciation, gas, licensing, printing and advertising costs, misc fees, maintenance on equipment, such as oil, filters, grease, new belts, tires, oh and your blowers and trimmers I would rather work at Best Buy and get the cost on their products than to bust my ass outside for $9.25 per hour!!---that's if I charged $35.00--sorry I can't live off of $900 a week for 100 hours of work!!---on a 30 week schedule!--that is $27k!--I am near $1.50 per minute with a 2 man crew on average from last year...which is near the $75.00 mark and I don't do anything but cut for that, additonal services such as Spring and Fall Cleanups are charged accordingly by the job, but closer to $100-120 per hour.

    $35 per hour in a 72 hour week for me is $2520.00 per week taking out employee salary of $12.00 and $10 per hour would be $864.00 for one and $720 for the $1584.00 and now I have to pay taxes, workmans comp, insurance, unemployment tax, advertising out of my portion? thanks friend!!...

    72-100hours x $75.00 hour = $5400-$7500 a week gross...that's how I roll with 133 accounts
    If my guys hustle and we are moving I can do 3 lawns an hour in same subdivision, making $120-160 for that hour, if I were solo I am at $65 minimal with my expenses, and that isn't financing any equipment or truck payment we pay cash or use 0%
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