Lawncare in the Catskills


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culpeper, va
If anyone is doing lawncare in Delaware or Sullivan county of New York I sure would like to hear from them. I have a vacation home in the village of Cooks Falls and cannot find any competent LCO's in that area. We have a tremendous amount of seasonal homes there - and there is a real need for lawn care for that area.. Anyone closeby - this is a real opporunity if you check it out. Plus the trout fishing is excellent !!


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I'm no where near that area, but familiar with it. I've got a friend who's got a place above lake George. He know's this guy who's retired and does all kinds of odd jobs in the resort area. Lawns, handy-man jobs, checking in on houses when folks are away, snow plowing/shoveling, etc. He'll even check your house before you come during the winter just to make sure the heat's on and the snow's cleared. He makes good money at it I'm told. He's dependable and that's important to seasonal homeowners. It's not like they can just grab the next scrub driving down the road. Good luck finding someone though.

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