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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Edgewater, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Edgewater

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    I am currently using my 44" Z-master to pick up leaves after the beds are blown out.

    I just got it and i am still learning the best way to use it. Should I do one pass with the dech up high and then drop down?

    I seem to be getting alot of blowout on the right front corner near the blower on the bag kit. It is really obvious in heavy leaves.

    What groung speed do you run over the leaves, and how many passes?

    Any other tips would be great,


  2. I set the blades to still cut grass on the first pass, sometimes if real deep it may require a second pass.

    The deck height regulates the leaves getting under the deck, keeps the vac from cloggin up.

    Blowout...I don't know about your mower, but I do get some on the discharge side of mine, and what gets out, gets picked up on the next pass.

    Speed, regulate the speed on how much leaves are building up infront of the deck. More leaves means going real slow.

    Most clean ups are done in 1 pass. At times a 2nd pass may be needed for some areas of the lawn.
  3. DanTheGrassman

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    I got the same machine. I used it for fall cleanups last year it was great. You probably will have to do 2 passes and go real slow. If it gets clogged up it's easy to take the leaves out. For this year I got rid of the bag kit and just left it on the regular side discharge kit, but come October I'll put the kit back on to suck up the leaves. That's the only bitchhy thing about it. It takes forever to put the kit back on and a bloody manual with a million screws, I'll just get my lawn mechanic to put it on this year because it's a real pain and i'm sure I'll end up throwing around wrenchs and cursing like a sailor just to put back togather again.
  4. Edgewater

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    The new kit is really easy to put on and of. Once the original install is done, it takes less than five minutes.

    Real nice kit.

  5. fox

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    try mulching the leaves first. less material = less time .
  6. Navig8r

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    I made a blockoff plate for the discharge of both my mowers... when possible, I put the plate on and mulch on the first pass, then pull the plate and bag the ground up debris..... I get a ton in the bag that way......... Sometimes cant do it this way because it does leave some small (tiny) particles in the lawn (which will easily break down) and some customers simply wouldn't accept that.

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