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We've had a website for several years. Recently modified it.

I would like some constructive critical comments.
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Well, ok.. The best part of your website are the pictures. The giant baby picture is awesome, and i really like the rhododendron picture on your contact us. For the constructive critique, without sounding like a jerk, you might want to spend a little more time on it as a whole. The navigation in the lower corner, the different background on the supersoil page, TREESHRUB.html is hard to read. Yellow number on the front page is hard to read. Your logo changes page to page. Its sorta lacking in flow. gotweedsad-346x271.jpg needs to be reworked to a clearer image. Under services provided on services.html all your heading links should be clickable. (i'd move that beastly looking spider link a little further away from that QTpie the spider is scary)

I'll be home for most the day tomorrow nursing a foot injury. If i can give you a hand editing pictures for size resolution or whatever send me a message and i'll reply back with my email address. We have work to do.


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Hey Ron,

Boy am i glad that you took that constructive criticism well. I've been dwelling over those words i'd posted just about all day now. Foot will get better as long as i stay off it for maybe another day or so. I've never done a monthly newsletter but it sounds like pretty good idea.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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