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We've had a website for several years. Recently modified it.

I would like some constructive critical comments.
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The first thing I would do would be to eliminate the introduction page. That's just one extra thing someone has to click on when they go to your site and it's really not needed.

2. I agree about the name of your company being consistent throughout the whole site. You need a logo that you can place on each page, but until then figure out how you want your name to look on the site and then make it look the same on each page.

3. I would take the links at the bottom and put them at the top of the page. Maybe have them listed horizontally right underneath your header image. The way you have them now they are kind of lost there at the bottom. I also wouldn't put the services underneath the "services" link, because people are going to see those anyway when they click on the "service" link. Seems redundant.

4. This is for the links (services) on your home page. I would suggest not putting any more information beside the links. Just have the name of the service (short & sweet) and let the people click on it to learn more. The way you have it now, it really doesn't come across as links, but just some information.

Anyway, good luck with the site and I hope you take this exactly how it was meant to be taken as "constructive" criticism.
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