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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawrence stone, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. Yesterday I made some lawnmower condoms.

    I have been having issues with rain water getting into my 16hp kohler magnum engines thru the air cleaner.

    So I just took two old large bread bags and cut them the same height as the air cleaner. I use a rubber radiator strap to hold the bag in place against the air cleaner housing. This way I can keep the bag on all the time except for service.
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    Glad you are now having SAFE mowing Larry :D
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    Just a thought--do you have a gasket between the air filter and cap ? The new kohler filters I bought last year came with a small piece of fuel line (about 3/8 inch long) which was place on the threaded bolt between the filter and cap and was compressed when the cap was tightened.

    Another thought---is the water coming in through the filter from the cap or the cooling fan on top of the motor and rolling down the air shoot to the filter?

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    We've had the same problem with our sweepers that have Kohler motors. Another solution is to go with a canister style filter. At little pricey to start with but the filter is much larger. Replacement filters are about $9 from Napa. Donaldson makes most canister housings for these types of filters. Either Kohler or Toro makes an adapter for the carb to connect this style filter. If you are interested I might be able to come up with some part numbers and suppliers for you. I'll need to know the model and serial numbers from the engine. You'll still will have to figure out how to mount the filter, but it shouldn't be to hard.
    We've use the "condom" method, however it rains sometimes when you least expect it.
  5. The water was passing thru the top of the steel housing via the wing nut. It rained big time last nite (it rains everyday here) and no water passed thru the carb then into the cyinders.
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    That is where the piece of fule line seals--between the wingnut and the filter. Sounds like your idea nipped the problem in the aquabud.
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    :D Get a covered trailer and you won't have to make the massive investment in ALL of those bread bags that you'll need.
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    Sex I guess does sell. Lawnmower condoms was posted and there are 236 views. All the rest of the posts dont even come close.
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    It has nothing to do with the sexual innuendo. Mr Stone's posts always draw a crowd. ;)
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    This is true. :D

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