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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jolly, Oct 19, 2005.

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    I need info on the best equipment for my needs. I have 2 separate one-acre yards to mow(not commercially) so the mower will have to be trailered. I want a zero-turn mower. Also, want to be able to pull an off-set brush cutter in a grown-up area a couple of times a year. I hoped to combine a lawn mower and brush cutter instead of having to buy a tractor and bush hawg. Do not want to buy more mower than I need. Thanx for any info. Jolly
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    Look at what you want to spend. Dixie chopper covers thier pumps to pull 2,000 lbs. Exmark dosnet sudjust pulling over 85 lbs. And dixies have the hitch built right into the frame. I pull spreaders with them and they are great for what you are talking about.
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    If only you could see one of the test they perform on their units; They take a brand new unit and drive it up to a big forklift on a concrete floor, Rev it wide open and pin the joysticks full bore and watch to see what gives. It was funny seeing a mower doing a smoky burn out until the tires blew.

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