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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by petekief, Sep 21, 2005.

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    The guys that started this hobby didn't know what they were doing either.
    They just took their mowers out and started racing around the yard.
    As with any new hobby you have to research and gather information and acquire the necessary equipment, All thats needed is basic hand tools and a buddy with a welder. If you go to the link I posted above there is tons of info. and the rules to participate in this growing sport. I just ran across this site a minute ago and am on my way back there to join myself, If you have any questions this is the place to ask.
    Myself I just don't feel the need to be ran over by a lawnmower ;) , But I could get into the garden tractor pulls as Smalltimer talked about, I started building a 3 spd. hi-low tandem transaxle machine from a couple old Sears Suburban's a year ago and havn't had time to finish the project. I've got a new shortblocked Kohler M18 to power it. My hydro Suburban does ok but I guess I watched too much Home Improvement on tv. er er er lol
    Good luck
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    On the site for there is a link for a local group in your area. I contacted the chapter leader for my area and he has offered to help. You really need to find someone to help with the build if nothing more then just by email. If you do it wrong you will be racing by your self in your own yard.
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    This should be added to the expo as an event each year.
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    I had a friend that used to do this only he was a drag racer. Had a 14hp Murry lowered, stretched, Moroso wheelie bars and Moroso 10K tach. Also had a Simpson NHRA chute on the back...for fun! The mower ran on nitro methane just like the top fuel drag cars and was quite a site at night. I know the parts to build it were expensive and $3K for a motor would not be out of line. i know his flywheel was $800 itself! Tell you what it is quite a site to see a Murry rider yank the front wheels and carry them while shifting then run 70+ mph down the track.
  5. Restrorob

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    Now that sounds like my kinda ride :cool:
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    The have some races on Speed channel now!!!

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