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    If you seen his post, he's not up selling anything. He's making $40.00 a day from mowing lawns. :cool2: If I was mowing lawns for $5.00, I PROMISE YOU, I would be working at Mc. Donalds and also doing my free lance work, rather than cutting for $5.00, whether it's a side gig or notl
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    Scratch my insurance question. I have a feeling I already knew the answer. Easily my favorite part of your Craigslist ad is this:

    Either way, you will save a ton of money from hiring actual lawn care companies. Win-win for both of us.

    brass ones...
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    No, I never said that.

    And the thread was deleted because I am not allowed to talk about my "computer geek" job, so I can't go into the ins-and-outs. Lets just say I have clients at my disposal. Right now I am looking to expand out into the lawn biz (during my extra free time).

    Most of my current "computer geek" work, right now, is on autopilot. I'm earning passive income... like rent. (again, mod said I can't talk about it, so I will leave it at that).
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    You might want to search Tonys name. You might learn something
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    After the Fiverr style title, I will mow your lawn for $5, the opening sentence of your Craigslist ad says, "I have some free time as work is slow". My apologies for not recognizing that you meant that you're swimming in passive income and therefore have time to kill.

    On the flip side, I see Fiverr recommended on here all the time (graphics, seo, etc). I'll be curious to see how well-received it is when it potentially impacts their livelihoods, so you raise an interesting subject.

    "Either way, you will save a ton of money from hiring actual lawn care companies."

    So, if not an actual lawn care company, how do you define yourself and your business?
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    Your apology is accepted. I just wanted to point that out to you.
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    Lol man

    Like I said. Do a search.

    You have a terrific idea. But it's simply not scalable at $5.

    There's a few companies in Texas that do the same thing $15-20 a yard with thousands of them. Huge difference between 5-15/20
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    If only we all had business's on autopilot with more money than we know what to do with so we decide to aid in the destruction of another industry. Bravo sir.
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    I'm bored. At least the guy who was going to do all online booking like the maid service thing and sub the work out had a unique idea (even if it was bad). This is just ridiculous.
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    Sorry, was busy this morning and overlooked this comment. It is an interesting point and something I have already thought about.

    I would sub my services to large lawncare businesses, but the problem is I will end up taking their clients. My primary goal isn't just making cash doing a quick mow job, but building a list and up-selling everything I possibly can while building a long-term-relationship. The $5 ad is my way to get my foot in the door. I have bigger ideas than just making $30 - $40 per day working a few hours on lawn care.

    So I doubt you'd sub contract any work to someone looking to build their own list for their primary gain... at least I hope you wouldn't. And I certainly won't ever sign a no-compete clause.

    Therefore, I don't think sub contracting would work.

    I'm an entrepreneur. I dabble in everything from my primary "computer geek" job, to owning rental homes, to buying and selling musical equipment to flip for a quick buck (as I'm near Nashville -- the music city) to buying and selling cars. I also own industrial Sewer Cleaning Equipment, do plumbing work (that was family owned passed down from my grandfather). Where-ever a buck can be made, I'm there. I do it all.

    I'm the kid in elementary school that use to buy .05 cent Bazooka bubble gum with his lunch money from the local gas station to flip to kids at school for .25 cents ea... that's when I was 8. I always had a sock full of cash in my top dresser drawer, not to buy pop and candy, but to invest in bigger adventures ;)

    My motto is " complacent businessmen rarely become millionaires". :cool2:

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