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    But, he will do your brakes and get you satelite tv too. I'm digging the ala carte menu. I wonder if he scrubs grout?
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    Yep he's tolling. It just hit me. He said making $40. - $45.00 a lawn. How many lawns does that mean you have to do a day to make $45.00 with a push mower if you charge $5.00 per lawn. Even if your truck / mower / trimmer, everything ran off electric you would have to do 9 lawns a day at $5.00 to profit $45.00, which I'm sure you couldn't do with an electric mower by yourself. Even if you some how could do 9 lawns a day with an electric mower by the miracle of god, then you would not be able to do free lance work online because you would be working from sun-up to sun-down. But let's get real, how much is it costing you in fuel for each lawn? How much in oil / mix for the two strokes? How much for trimmer line? How much in gas to get to the lawn? So what are you profiting $2.50 tops per lawn. That isn't just a disgrace to the business, but that's a disgrace to your own self, kind of like disrespecting your own self saying that your work is only worth $2.50.
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    Hi Mrs Smith, I just mowed your lawn for five dollars. I also noticed your Windows need cleaning, tire pressure on your SUV is low and your strainer is full of dishes. I can do these additional services for $15....... :D

    Is there anything you CAN'T do?
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    Are you a legal business? Pay taxes? Insurance?
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    Entrepreneur insurance.

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    Always entertaining. Just went through this entire thread and I'm LMAO.

    "dollar menu"<<<< Priceless!!!
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    How are the additional services billed? Do you invoice them or are they under the table? Having multiple businesses and not paying taxes on one of them is a good way to get the IRS at your door for all of them.
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    Thread title needs changed.

    There isn't one (serious) post in this thread that has anything to do with what the OP asked. LOL
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    Subscribed to see what happens here.
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