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  1. LawnscapeMN

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    :waving: I just bought LawnPro. Just wanted to give my input on it....its sweet!! The season hasnt started yet but I love it already. Very good program.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Ok, good... I have a few questions that maybe you can answer.

    When you put your customers in, can you assign each one their own specific mowing price(and additional services)?

    I know it says it can be set up for monthly billing, but can you tell it if you skipped a week for a particular customer?

    On the invoices it generates, does it list "mowing" for example, and then all the dates you provided that service for that month, or does it just say X number of visits?

    Do the invoices print out ready to be used in window type envelopes?

    Sorry for all the questions... maybe someone else that has it can chime in too. I know the program isn't that expensive but their site just dosn't show much in detail. Iv'e been looking at Gopher, it's great, but way overdesigned for what I need. It's easy to get lost just navigating around in it. I can tell it would take longer to use the program that it was to just do the invoices by hand...
  3. K.Carothers

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    I bought it a week ago. I personally don't like it. I tried to get the monthly invoice to show all cuts for the month but it won't do it. I have limited patience when it comes to software programs so maybe it's user error. If I have to spend more time at the computer than building my business, I'll go nuts. I have yet to find a program that I like or should I say fits me. I will stick with my current system until I find something that I like.
    I have a daily sheet,weekly sheet,monthly sheet,monthly invoice sheet, daily customer sheet, one time job invoice, expense sheet w/ categories and a filing system that I know where everything is and goes. It works for me.

  4. rodfather

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    how much was it?
  5. kc2006

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    Lawnpro is like 54 or 58 dollars only.

    I bought it last year when I was in a pinch and needed software quick. Its ok. Its worth the 54 dollars I think. You get what you pay for. Gopher is what 200 for the basic? Gopher is deffinitly worth the money. But if you want a simple program for a company with small client lists I think lawnpro is good for that.

    I'll keep lawnpro for awhile but I intend to step up to gopher and QB's this year. My lawnpro has a bunch of errors that pop up all the time, a couple of my "reports" don't work.
  6. kc2006

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    I don't think you can. I had to just put in each persons price with each invoice I would create. Once you make the templete for that customer is saves the last invoice and you just edit it each month.

    It has a "who to mow today" list, you have to edit it nightly, selecting skip service, service complete, delay service (and then put how long you delayed it)

    You have to manually put in the visits and I would manually put in the dates with it. You have to go to the customers button and it shows what dates you were there.

    I'm not sure on that I never tried. I'll have to check that out never thought of it.

    Like I just posted, lawnpro is great for limited amounts of customers. I never looked in detail at the program until the winter here.
  7. Jason Rose

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    Kurt: Thanks so much for the answers! You just saved me 54 bucks!

    It sounds like its nice since each invoice is saved as a template for next months invoice, but all the info would have to be changed... No matter what I do and how fast I type, it's still faster to fill out invoices BY HAND.

    I'm not really sending out that many per month, I have around 70 customers, but only about 40 of those get billed. The rest pay me when I'm there, leave a check for me, or pay in advance.

    gopher's program will accomplish all the tasks I was asking about, it's just a maze of windows and buttons to get there! I thought, maybe, there's a program set up very similar but for use on a smaller scale (less than 100 customers). The $$$ part of it dosn't bother me IF it will save me time and get my bills done when they should be. What does bug me is that if I spend the $$ for it and then never actually use it because it wastes time or is too aggrivating.

    I need to sit down today and work with it more. It takes a lot of time to input each individual customer, but you can set specific amounts for each customer like mow price, all fert and herbicide prices, the sq. footage of the property ect.
  8. kc2006

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    Once I get more customers I'm sure I'll go with gopher. They've allowed me to do the 30 day trial twice now, the first time was when I just started my business and didn't have a big need for it. The second time was just now and since its winter I don't have a need still. But I'm playing with it just to see if its more effecient. And I'm sure it is especially when you get to bigger amounts of clients.

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