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    Let me start by saying I hope that the Mods will make this a sticky if enough interest is shown or enough comments are left. My hope is that new members will not get suckered on this program - or that this thread can becoming a good resource for answers by the many on hear that use it.

    Several years ago when I first visited this site, I heard about lawnpro software. I looked it over and thought it was a decent value if it did everything it said it did.
    I got the software directly from the lawnpro's website as a download and received the actual cd a couple weeks later. Well it worked well for me as a solo operator, it was simple enough that I could get in and do what I needed to do quickly without taking course to learn how to do it. Although not perfect this software did what I needed it to do for the last couple of years. That was until last Friday morning.

    I had received several payments and thought I had better go ahead and deposit them quickly as it is Christmas season and peoples accounts would be getting drained quickly too.

    Upon opening my lawnpro software - I found it was not showing any current information - it was showing invoices several months old and not any of the newer invoices. I thought it must be a bug or something so I just closed down the program, waited a few minutes, and then re opened the lawnpro software. Now the lawnpro simply was opening and asking me for a activation. I thought oh well no big deal. The software requires that you use the email that you purchased it under. Now for me I do not give out or sign up for anything using my actual email account because of all the unwanted spam that comes with doing so, so I went through my receipts and found were I had purchased this software from lawnpro. I entered the email account that i had purchased it with only to find a message pop up that says I have activated the max amount of times allowed. Now this would only be the 2nd time I have activated this CD. I downloaded the original - used it for close to two years until my motherboard fried and I switched to this CPU. I then installed from the CD on this computer for the first time and no issue until now.

    So I thought well, I will contact them (patrick cash/lawnpro) and make them aware of the situation. Surely they will help with the situation. So I call the number he list on the website on how to get a hold of him. 256-413-8338. This number goes right to voicemail and says how busy they are that they do not return voicemails - to go to the customer service area of the website and visit the help desk for quick help or email . Me being the way I am, I did both, expecting the 24 hour call back they imply that they give on their website. 24 hours go by and nothing. I am getting a little pissed.

    I go to the website again - I try to track my customer issue through their websites help ask for a tracking number - they never emailed or gave me one during the process. Again I am worried but being the way I am, I submit another ticket and ensure that I am correct that during the process they do not give a tracking number or email one. I was correct they never do, but I found on lawnpros help desk website a area to get your tracking info if you lost it by simply imputing your email. So I do. I receive a email that states a pre made out form and my tracking number is .......... it is tracking number given in this email. SO I resubmit again...again the same email and no tracking number. I am at this point pissed.

    I start going through old lawnsite post - using the numbers people suggest to contact them. Either the same bogus message as mentioned above or a message stating to use their help desk.

    I call another number I found for patrick cash ( 205) 369-7052 ... It does not direct me to another point of contact ...but ask me to leave a message. I do leave a message with all the information on how to contact me, email included, the purchase email, my phone numbers......and..............NOTHING.

    So this guy claims to be in the lawn business... I struggle to see how he stays in business other than selling a software on here and other sites that he does not have to support, because he would not keep lawn clients if he runs that business like this.

    Any of you guys have solutions for me? I reviewed BBB for lawnpro/patrick cash and see that they have closed some of the cases (about 1/2). DO you guys feel that is a way to go? What other solutions do you have...I have seen several of you guys on here mention that you have talked to patrick and he resolves your issues....anyone have more current contact info that what I have listed?
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    What version of LP were you using? I just had my computer returned from getting fixed and had to download a new copy of LP3. I submitted a ticket, (after going through all you did, multiple phone #'s etc) and they directed me to a website.

    Your ticket titled "Reinstall" has received a reply.

    You can update/reply to this ticket or check the status of this ticket online at

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with,

    LawnPro Software
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Sound like you have experience the same issues I have. Your link directs me to the help desk and list you ticket number - which is more than I have gotten - but of course it does not contain your email address so I can link into it.
    This is my issue - I know many have more than likely gone through these issues. I would like this to be a help area for us on LS to help each other and others to see the issues we have with the they can avoid if the situations are not getting resolved.

    How did you finally get them to help you? How did they contact you? How long did it take to get resolution?

    Any help/insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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    Your welcome, no problem.
    PM sent.
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    You got me up and running. That is outstanding. I really appreciate your help in this matter. Your help and insight is what makes this site continue to grow and be useful.

    I am up and going - I got a back up file loaded - but it does not contain the info I need. It only contains information back to September. Which is better than nothing worse case scenario however I do have a file which is dated 12-09-10 and should be able to give accurate up to date info with a few exceptions. I am going to the local tech guys shop to see if he can get it resolved.

    Either way you are a lifesaver Lefet...thanks.

    I did just a few minutes ago get a email from help yet though....said he has to get a tech guy involved. Will keep you guys up to date.

    I again would like to at least have the mods have a temp stick put on this thread - I have a feeling that many people will find it useful and we can help each other out as Lefet did me.


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    Glad I could help, but many thanks go to LAWNSITE for even having this forum. Lord knows I've gained a host of knowledge from it.

    Good luck with the rest of it.
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    I am back up and running 100% - no data lost - back to business as I was before. Thanks again Lefet.

    To those that are wondering....Lawnpro is a very basic software....but it does do a good job for my needs as a solo operator with less than 100 accounts. It is easy to use and does the basics pretty darn well. It is cost effective and like I said earlier....I have not really had any major issues with the software until now. I do want to thank lawnsite for having threads like this which allows us as a community to help each other, since suppliers do not always offer the best costumer service.

    In a related update - Patrick Cash has sent me several emails - I have explained what was going on - simply asking for a phone call in each email from his tech guy he referred to about helping me in a email earlier today. Several emails have been send including emails showing where I had attempted answers as of yet...but thanks to lawnsite I am up and running again.
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    My pleasure Micheal. Glad to hear you made out alright.
    Do you plan on upgrading to the newer LP4?
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    Possible, It does look a little better in terms of the color contrast on screens, have you had any experience with it? I really need to upgrade my quickbooks pro, in fact that is what I am going to do today at some point.
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    No, I haven't yet, but I have downloaded the free version to get a look at it. Naturally you're not going to be able to REALLY give it a whirl as most of it says "this option is only available with the standard or pro version".
    How did QB Pro work for you with LP? I'd like to add that as well.

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