Lawns are the enemy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OwenS, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. OwenS

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    A guy who lives in one of the neighborhoods I work in wrote a letter to my local paper condeming the idea of turfgrass lawns.

    It is ironic since many of his direct neighbors are my clients, some of whom pay us to bag up to 3 acres of their personal hell.

    The average house in this neighborhood costs $350,000 and has about an acre of lawn.

    He also has a webpage with his sermon on the evils of lawncare. Parts of it are amusing, "give up all lawns to feed India"???

    If you have a minute, check it out at

    I guess he won't get a brochure this year.

  2. TOSLC

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    Sounds like your doing a good job on his neighbors, and he's just jeolous! Keep up the good work. Make him Green with Envy! Ha! Ha! I'm on a roll today.
  3. 65hoss

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    There is one in every crowd. Blow him off and continue on.
  4. mdb landscaping

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    Sounds like hes a tree hugger to me.
  5. KirbysLawn

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    mr. boie needs to get a life.
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    Educate this needle head

    Scientific research has documented the many benefits of turfgrass to our environment.

    Provide a natural, comfortable, and safe setting for fun and games....Release oxygen and cool the air .....Control pollution and reduce soil erosion .....Purify and replenish our water supply.

    A well maintained lawn and landscape can enhance the "curb appeal" adding as much as 15 percent to the value of a home.

    On a hot summer day, lawns will be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.

    The front lawns of eight houses have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning. That's amazing when the average home has an air conditioner with just a three or four ton capacity.

    The cooling effect of irrigated turf reduces the amount of fuel that must be burned to provide the electricity which powers the air conditioners.

    Runoff water in urban areas carries many pollutants.

    Turfgrass acts as a natural filter, reducing pollution by purifying the water passing through its root zone.

    Doctors have shown that people recover faster in a hospital when given a landscape view, rather than seeing only the walls of adjoining buildings
  7. Hobart

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  8. Rooster

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    It sure amazes me that he paid for a domain name, and pays for website hosting!

    hmmm..... Money to burn!
  9. the point man

    the point man LawnSite Member
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    Fantasy Lawn,

    Your stats are most interesting, and I'd like to use them in my
    spring newsletter if I May. However, I'm curious to know what
    you mean by air conditioning in terms of "tons". How do you
    measure that?
  10. roscioli

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    A quote from the link that Hobart provided: "Even amounts as small as $100 will help us resist the big media blitz put on by the rich and powerful lawn care industry" I am glad that even my small pocket change of $100 will help them, but this year, I could only afford $75, so I will not be able to reach their minimum! LOL. What a whack.

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