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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trackmaster, Mar 28, 2007.

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    That's about it. Yes, it does have non-beneficial aspects to it, but in most cases, the small adverse effect it has really doesn't make that much difference...especially if the lawn has a full care program that includes aeration. We do it, and will continue to do it. Like was mentioned earlier, lawns with conditions like mole damage, and others, are prime candidates, but so are some of the lawns that just have a tendency to get lumpy (aeration really helps this, as well). When lawns are really soft, like first thing in the spring, much of this can be relieved by a simple rolling. It is just scratching the surface, anyway. It is not like an asphalt roller or vibrator compactor is going over it. As a matter of fact, per square inch, rollers don't weigh anymore than a person walking on the lawn. We, however, have a pretty decent roller that stands about 3 ft tall (most that are available are not that heavy) - you can't go by the width of the roller, but the actual height. Yes, it DOES smooth it out for the rest of the season (for the most part). Anyway, we do rolling relatively inexpensively. we charge anywhere from 50 to 75 for a standard 1/2 acre lot. It is just too easy. the main thing is, is having a transport and securing method. Most people don't have this, so the roller has to be emptied to transport. If this is the case, the price would have to go WAY up.
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    Learn something new everyday.
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    We have a big ride on roller as well as a 2' water filled steel one for behind our Steiner. Everyone wants their lawns done around here. My wife hates to use the ride on so she uses the Steiner alot. It's 4x4 so it can pull it but you still have to be careful taking sharp corners. I filled the roller last night and did a couple of runs on our lawn the season is starting today. The checks will start arriving in a couple of weeks.
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    It's the worm castings that you want to roll out...thats what we do sometimes up here in the north . I price It by the job not the hr.
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    I've done it before do smoothe out ruts and such, but I've only charged $35 around here or people don't want it done.
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    I have customers ask me every year to roll their lawn. One of these days I'm going to buy one.
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    "Yes," it most likely is a Northern thing. Lawns get bumby and uneven from frost heaving over the winter. Moles are also going crazy also, tunnellng and making mounds all over lawns. Rolling is the method used to flatten lawn out after these problems occur. I have rolled many in the last 2 weeks. It's a great spring cash flow add on.
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    It doesn't cost much to get into and there is very little maintenance required. Of course it's also a very boring and bumpy ride.
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    About 1 1/2 to 2 times what you would charge for mowing.
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    I get many requests for it but I can't justify it to anyone and I make more money on other services that take less time and effort to do.
    We have heavy clay up here and the freeze thaw cycle makes it bumpy in the spring. Some people want to think they can have a lawn that is as flat as if they were mowing plywood. It ain't gonna happen. The other thing I tell them is to dig a lump of clay soil up and roll it into a ball then dry it out. Then imagine a blade of grass trying to live in that ceramic pot that you just formed. Aeration is the sell there. I have a water filled roller too but will just do small spots, no way would I ever roll an entire lawn but people want me to.

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