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Do you mean these companies ship fertilizer to homeowners automatically at the right time of year? And crabgrass control? And weed/feed? And grub control?

If so, that is competition we don't need.

Here is one: Includes soil test and satellite photo measurements. Supposedly formulates the product according to customer needs and climate as shown by soil test. Natural "organic option".
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i agree that we don't need them as competition. however if they are successful and a customer doesn't have the money to spend on our applications, I'm all about the customer having success by whatever means they can afford. from what I can tell these products have no weed control or fungicide applications which is a major problem with my area (NC) and TTTF. My question really is, are these worth mentioning to someone who desires a great lawn but doesn't have the money to afford our full program? time and time again there are people who don't realize the overall cost of maintain a great lawn and simply and because of the higher cost of fert/weed control applications they don't even consider our mowing and general maintenance service. If I can have them consider lawnserv or another company and keep them on for the mowing etc., maybe if lawnserv fails them I can then sell them on our application package.