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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Sean Adams, Feb 13, 2009.


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    Its been a while since I have visited the site. I know, my bad. What happened to the Hardscaper Forum and the Pond and Watergarden Forum? Those were a couple of my favorites and I loved seeing the talent that is part of this community.
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    I have not been around for the last couple of years because of workload and thankfully that has eased up a little. One thing I have noticed upon being back is that the profiles of the posters is a lot more spotty. Most people put almost nothing in the profile, not even their age. I wouldn't expect LawnSite to ask guys to write a complete biography because some guys would prefer to be anonymous but it would be nice to see city and age required to post. No offense to young men but it would be nice to know that the person passing out opinion and advise on business issues isn't still living under his mom and dads roof.
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    The best site of its kind. Wish I had known of it years ago. Appreciate that if I request help from the site owner or manager, I get an immediate and helpful reply. Only two minor suggestions:

    1. Explain "Sticky." I gather such posts are from or about the site, but it's a confusing term.

    2. Clarify whether each list is in order from oldest to newest or vice versa.
  5. scagwildcat

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    What i would love to see though is , I would like to see all the young kids on here go away, not that i have a problem with them learning but this is not a place for a 10 year old! some post on subjects that they clearly dont know anything about yet, this should be for people who run legal companies, i think that the young kids should be able to read what we post but only would be limited to post to the just starting out threads, Also i noticed that we have a Florida forum, how about adding forums for all the states this way people can get help or talk with people in their area that they work in, I think that this would help many people get info from others dealing with the same subjects, such as weather, pricing, dealers, and local laws.. thank you for letting us put in our 2 cents....
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    Just wanted to mention one thing from your post. I see where you say about having a different forum for each state. One thing that you can do, is go to the "networking forum". There are a lot of threads in there from all different kinds of areas. Ex: I just happened to look and I found a thread for Pittsburgh, the area I'm from. If you look, I'm sure you'll find a thread for your area and be able to talk with guys from your own area. Just an idea.
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    Hey majortom, thanks, i never really look at the networking forum that much, i never thought of looking for a local thread.i hate to say this but when im on lawnsite im usually pressed for time and just browse a few topics...
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    Is your mobile version down....or is the desktop version the only 1 now?
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    Yea, I'm not getting the mobile version either. Pita on a smart phone.
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    Yello? IT guys on vacation?
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