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    After discussing Chat Room ideas with Chuck, we decided to use AOL Chat and it is setup on my website. There are 3 Chat Rooms there on my Home Page towards the bottom left, the top one is for DC Owners that I had set up for several months. The next 2 are for and are clearly marked. Use the middle one marked Chat Room and if it is too full, some can go down to the next one. If you maximize the Chat Room, it is big enough to handle at least 20 people. AOL is a lot faster than Java and it's FREE to use and FREE to download if you don't have it already.

    If you need to download AOL AIM95, go to my links page and there is a link to download it and another to register this. Regular AOL users, you need AIM 95 to use this Chat Room. With the new AIM 95 you can even send pictures to each other or TALK like on a phone, but not in the Chat Room. The Talk feature won't work there.

    For now, you can get to the Chat Room by clicking on my signiture below. Later on, Chuck will add a link to it, so for now, go click on my signiture and Chat or download AOL AIM 95 and get set up. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. Happy Chatting :)

    In case there is a problem with my Website like one day when Guido couldn't get on, I have a second site set up also which is at so you can book mark this one too so you can always get to the chat room. Lets try to keep the language to Lawnsite standards there too, PLEASE!!! Thanks

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