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Sean Adams

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There have been LawnSite BBQ's in the past. I'm not saying they weren't worthwhile or successful, but I will say they were informal at best. To some degree that is what this site is informal place to go and discuss the industry.

Personally, I have thought about creating a LawnSite "annual meeting" where members and sponsors alike could meet-up, demo some toys, put names to faces, eat some hot dogs and drink some kool-aid (ha ha ha).... but I honestly believe that if people are going to travel across the country or take time out from work they need a good reason to do so. Demoing equipment is something you can do at your dealer and discussing the industry is something you can do right here.

Therefore, i believe that there would need to be alternative worthwhile reasons to attend something like this - update classes, speakers, promotions, etc....

It's a tough position for me because there would need to be significant committment on the end of the members for us to put this together.

Let me know what your thoughts are....


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The idea is good but i dont think its practical. Think about it. Lawnsite pulls members from all around this country, and others as well. It would be a task to get a central location where at least 50% of the members would logically be able to attend.

I am all for the idea if it comes through, but it would be tough to find a good area where we could get a crowd.

Unless their was a series of them IE-northeast bbq, Southern bbq-you get the idea.

John Gamba

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Why not in sections, like north east division?

John Gamba

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Originally posted by Sean Adams
That's a possibility, but like I said, there would have to be interest from the members collectively...

Ask them!

Paradise Landscapes

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Warren, OH 44485
I'm definately for it. Count me in 100%


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I remember the question being asked last year......If I recall correctly,it didn't go very far because of the issues of locality.

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