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    This is my third year and I am wanting more & more. Especially when it comes to equipment! Speaking of equipment here is my story, I went from a push mower to a toro belt driven my first season, belt to exmark hydro my second, and my goal now is to add another exmark with a bigger deck to my line up, giving me a more efficient option as newer larger accounts do take awhile with the 36' deck. I wish some of the mistakes I have made I could have avoided as I hate wasting money that could instead be put into better investments. This site has been very helpful in that department of real world experience and I have been lurking for while now so I figured its time to start posting. Investments made in equipment thus far this season include extreme series trimmer rack, bradley blade sharpener, husky 125b, kaw ktf27a, and I hope to add my first backpack blower purchase ever, the echo pb770, and my first husky trimmer as well. Thanks for the advice guys.
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