Lawnsite times-a-changing?

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by TLS, May 21, 2002.

  1. TLS

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    Just had to "reset" my timezone this morning for Lawnsite in my profile. It was an hour ahead. Now tonite, its an hour behind??? Anyone else notice this? I usually only have to mess with it when we change the clocks.

    Just wondering if its me, or Lawnsite itself?
  2. Mark

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    TLS i noticed on your post the time was 9:39 AM thats 12hrs off from the time here in Indiana,ive noticed its never right i just avoid it. Marks Mowing Service
  3. TLS

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    Mark, my post here shows mine at 9:36 PM (it was actually 10:36PM though here), and your post shows 9:44 PM when its actually 10:44 PM here.

    I do care about this, and you can change it in your profile if you want, just pick your proper timezone.

    My problem was, that it was correct since April 7th (Daylight savings time) and just this morning went wacky on me?
  4. wxmn6

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    TLS, I noticed the same this yesterday. The time was an hour ahead in the morning, but was reset back to normal at night.

    The time zone is not correct. To make my time correct, I have to set it to Atlantic Time Zone which is -(3:00)GMT, not the Eastern Time Zone -(5:00)GMT time zone which is where I am in.

    I don't know why it is happening, but I had posted about it a few weeks ago because that is when it happened again. Now this is the 4th time that it happened to me. I tried to ask but nobody seems to care about it. :confused:
  5. fastlane

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    My time has been changing for days 2hrs early, 2hrs late,on time 3hrs early. I'am a new member. What bugs me is,only having 7,12 15 new posts listed.Sometimes at 4pm posts from 8am or even noon are all ready gone!
  6. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Former Moderator
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    Yes I care about it.

    But I believe plsoucy would be best to address this issue.
    I moved this thread here in the support forum where he will most likely see it.
  7. LSAdmin

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    This problem is most likely due to our host changing its server timezone. I will therefore point this issue to them.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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