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  1. awm

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    The soninlaw has been apparently looking at lawnsite.
    Apparently to learn more about what Im about.
    His only comment was IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYBODY WANTS
    WHO DONT DO IT THERE WAY.Of course being the
    all knowing fatherinlaw that I am.I pointed
    out to him that most post I read are from people searching for better ways.Also that a few sour apples
    dont ruin the whole barrel.Besides sour apples make
    the best pie anyway.He left knowing I WAS STILL THE
  2. kutnkru

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    Ahhhhhh, the joys of parenting.

    Its kind of like when I have to correct my 6 yr old for pointing out to another contractor that his lines are not as pretty as Daddys. I just remind her that sometimes its not polite to point out the faults of others. Then we go for ice cream. Afterall, how could I be mean when shes telling the truth and she is my BIGGEST fan.

    Of course this is the beginning to that stage of brutal honesty. Kind of like when a rather L-A-R-G-E woman in the supermarket had her pager go off when we were behind her in line. Lizzy looked up at me and said Okay Dad. Look out shes backin up.

    huhhh. :-(
  3. BRL

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    My 3 year old son did the exact same thing one time while at the grocery store with my wife. She said it was funny and real hard to not laugh out loud. However I will say at that age, he would have said the same thing if the lady was a toothpick. Amazing what these kids blurt out.
  4. kutnkru

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    Im beginning to understand why my parents would send us to our rooms first before dishing out the punishments - so they could laff at how ludicrous we were at times first.

    I have also found myself doing that hand over the mouth with stern eyes look from time to time to cover my smile and chuckles.

    Its truely amazing how they can be so honest and yet not know discrimination. If only more children had parents who parent and not breed, fend them off with playstations and computers, the world would be such a better place.

    Just my .03
  5. Currier

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    I teach (or attempt it) and I say AMEN to that Kris!

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