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  1. Frontstreetlawns

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    The package that is offered by sean does it contain average times to coomplete stuff like soft and hard edgeing ect.
  2. Sean Adams

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    No, it does not contain this - I have considered many times creating something like this but every time I start to map it out I run into the same problem.... everyone and everywhere and every situation is different and I would not want someone to lose money or outprice themselves for a service.

    For example, hedgetrimming.....

    One guy with a set of commercial hedge trimmers who knows what he's doing, is efficient and fast is going to do things a lot differently than a guy with a set of 20" home owner blades who is new to the service or not very good....and then of course you have the scenario - what kind of hedges are they? Where are they located? Do you have to climb a ladder? What about clean-up afterwards? Is the truck near by? etc, etc, etc....

    It is the primary reason I stress the importance of creating an hourly rate for your service, show how to determine that hourly rate and then certainly the willingness to be honest with how well and fast you and/or your employees work.

    No matter what anyone says, no matter what you read....there is no possible way to create a universal "price structure" for these kinds of services. it is math - you are selling your time and it is important to recognize that.

    People will ask me - "Hey Sean - I have a lawn that needs cut - it's decent size - probably 7,000 square feet....what should I charge?"

    Some get offended when I quickly respond - "I have no clue..."

    But then I explain why I have no clue.....

    How many guys mowing?
    What kind and size machines?
    Is there trimming? How much?
    Edging? How much?
    How efficient are the people mowing - 65%? 80% 95%? (meaning overlap with mower)
    What is the terrain like?
    Is there a gate in the back? can you get a 48, 52, or 60 in the yard?
    I could go on for days asking questions about one simple mowing....

    I have seen time labor data books and in my opinion they are usually not worth the paper they are written on....

    One season I had a guy who was a real dynamo who I paired up with a guy that did a decent job but was slow....reliable and easy to work with, but like watching paint dry....

    It slowed down the dynamo - his numbers were down, his production was down, and he was not close to meeting his goals.

    There are a lot of variables that need considered and that is why creating an hourly rate, knowing your profit margin, knowing where you are willing to lose money to make more money, etc.... is the way to go. You will never bid or work a job where you lose and you will be more confident to walk away from a situation knowing you would have not made or even lost money....

    You are in business to make money - it's not the only reason but it is certainly in the top 2.....
  3. Gatewayuser

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    Thats exactly right! Every company is different.

    I highly recommend the book! Just today I up sold a job which made me about 3k more. I realized that I wasn't taking advantage of jobs I currently have. Also I would recommend this book to experienced professionals just to get you back on track like it did for myself.
  4. mountianview

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    This business package has about everything else, thank you Sean . this helped me show my marketing plan etc to get a business grant ,everything looks good right now,one note get new ink cartridges if your buying E-book takes lots of ink .Well worth the money.
  5. J and D Lawn Care

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    I just ordered this. Can't wait to review all of it.

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