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Hey Lawrence, <br>I saw your response on the &quot;reincarnation&quot; post. Based on your experience please tell all the newbys what a good average per customer should be in order to make a decent living in the &quot;mowing&quot; only business. The figures you came up with over there don't look too promising I agree, but it's not too bad for someone just starting out. The idea behind this forum is to educate all of us that need educating. As I have said before, you obviously have the experience to enlighten some of us and get us heading in the right direction. Start off by letting everybody know what a good average price per customer should be. Don't get all analytical about it, base it on a guy with a ztr and a walkbehind or something. Should it be 75 80 85 90 or 100 per account per month or higher? We all need to know and you are the man that can tell us.<p>Homer


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Coastal NH
Larry, <br> Just a litle more math for you. Just because I agreed with Jim on profitability on some of the categories that we don't perform, doesn't mean I just mow! We educated non-licensed gypsy contractors know how to prune, perform landscape construction, clean-ups, and various other duties. With all that mentioned, our average customer spends about $1200 a year. We have 12 residentials that pay over $130 a week for their lawns alone. If my math serves me right, thats $3770 per customer for JUST mowing. What do you think their spring and fall cleanups cost? So there's a general stat for you on some of my business. I'm not bragging about these lawns. I happened to have settled in a very prestigious area where I benefit from. And just for the record, I own 2 Toro Z Masters!<br>out here, quality, image and personality sells. And as I have learned from your methods, equipment and personality, you wouldn't last a week out here! For the rest of you, come on up! There's room for growth for talented guys!
FLINT + STONE = FLINTSTONE, a comedy. Let's let it just stand at that. Next reincarnation might be RUBBLE (as in Barney).<p>If we can chuckle with Eric and his Ditsy Cloppers, and Lazer with his Ex-smarts, surely Larry and his Sorrows should evoke a smile. But why is the other one called a Walker, when you ride on it? :) :)


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Amen, N Cognito, Mr.&quot;Flintstone&quot; is an absolute unbelievable piece of work. I think he's been grading his own papers a little too long, if you know what I mean. Lynn
Dear lmbd1 (if that's your real name),<p>Your right I would not last a week in your<br>market for there is very little large commercial and industrial sites which is<br>my forte. I only solicit residential work<br>as a last resort.<p>But &quot;maybe&quot; I could learn something from a<br>prestigious contractor (you do make the homeowners sign a contract right?) like yourself.<p>What exactly are the ZTR's you have?<br>Are they 100 series or 200 series?<br>What are the engine and deck combinations?<p>Please help me understand what it takes to<br>arrive at the pinnacle of greatness you<br>have achieved.

JJ Lawn

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Not only that, he talks to himself....We might neeed to start a &quot;What's My Line&quot; discussion....Will the real larry please stand up...<p>


central fl.
I remeber when I was in school,when someone told us something we could make &quot;fun&quot; of it was a joke, when someone held onto that &quot;joke&quot; for a long time it got old and we told <br>the &quot;jokester&quot; it was no longer funny or necessary.Why don't we all grow up! Some peoples opinion are not the rule but the exception.I am not trying to defend Larry<br>but I would like to here his opinion on some of the issues that we all come across as<br>PROFESSIONAL lawn care people.Thank you for your time. Tim


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I've been following this fourm for some time now. I want to get started into the business and have spent hours reading all the post wherever & whenever I can. I learn from Everyone. Please don't turn this discussion group into personnal bickering. It means so much to people like me to get as much info as possible from all of you. I'm considering taking a loan from bank (hopefully) without doing damage to my family. This group is way to valueble to not hear everyones opinon, mistakes and knowledge. Thanks to you ALL.


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Lawrence, <p>I'm sorry, we must have got sidetracked somehow. Please review the original post and if you have time give all of us some ideas as to a good per cust. avg. This is mowing only, no landscape or spraying included. Were looking for answers here, thats what this is for.<p>