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    does anybody know the lawn care laws in n.h.? looked every where:hammerhead:
  2. GravyTrain

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    I'm no expert, but I recently did a similar search for Arkansas laws and any licenses or permits I would need. The first thing I tried was contacting SBA. You can find your local "branch" here -> They actually directed me to a local SCORE mentor (I think, I didn't catch the guys name or title). He was very helpful and pointed me in all the right places. He also gave me lots of information about taxes and stuff (which i had already found out from my accountant) but otherwise would have not known about.

    It took a while to get in contact with them (with holidays and what not), and so in the mean time I called the Secretay of State office and asked basically what they knew. They suggested calling the local counties office, which I did, who then directed me to the city office (office of permits). At each stop, I asked if they had any regulations I needed to follow, and they each passed me down the line until I found out that my city has no rules or regulations for operating a lawn care business (simply cutting grass and edging).

    Hopefully this will be helpful. You also might find it more useful (if you have the time) to actually go to the offices in question as you are more likely to get better answers and typically more detailed information, including possible documentation what you might need.

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