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    Anyone ever have a mower ruined by a hidden rock or stump or root. I had to throw a couple of mowers away because of once a stump hidden by leaves and another time a rock hidden by high grass. I think the home owners should take responsibility for the damage since they are liable for the stuff on the property. It's a giant waste throwing mowers in the trash.
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    What kind of mowers are you throwing out? I would say you are just as liable as the homeowner is for the damages to your machine. It will say in ANY operator's manual to inspect your work area before you do anything. Did you? Were you looking in front of yourself? I really don't think you have much of a case... but then again I am not a lawyer. However I do know that if you go around suing clients because they didn't tell you about rocks, or pipes in the lawn, you won't have very many clients for too long.
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    WOW!!! I have hit rocks, and stumps, but usually i just sharpen the blades......

    What kind of mower you got? I would recomend not buying anymore of them....seriously!!

    Like fb said, I always inspect a property before I cut it, and uncover all the hidden treasures that can be hit. I really dont think you have a leg to stand on with this!:(
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    YOU are responsible to secure the area before YOU mow.

    Everybody want's to sue somebody. :rolleyes: Not a good 5th post Yardguy.
  5. Occupational hazard bud. Just have to learn to avoid those kinds of accounts. If you need them, then charge more for misfits. But in any case, you have to go slow and be suspicious of any new lawn. Assume every board or fence slat has 20 nails in it, and they’re all pointed up. See a smooth lawn with a lump? Well, there has to be some reason for that “lump.” Start buying expensive equipment and you’ll get suspicious (or go broke, literally).

    If you want to hold your customers responsible for these kinds of hazards, its simple, charge more. Aside from being careful, that’s your only recourse.
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    Sue ! SUE! SUE!!! Sue me. Sue You. Sue Him! Sue Her! Sue Everyone!!! Sue lawnsite !!! Sue. Sue!!! Sue!

    Forget cutting - just SUE! Sue! SUE! SUE!!
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    I don't think that you would get very far with a lawsuit on a customer.I think you should be thankful that the mower didn't throw something out of the discharge and hit the customer or his house. Now he would have a good lawsuit.
    It is your responsibility to look the area over and see the things that can cause problems. What kind of mowers are you using that you just throw away? Most times you replace a blade, or mabey some more damage, but they should be able to be fixed.
    I have hit things hidden in the lawn, and have been very mad, but not soon after, greatful that it didn't throw something out and hurt someone. Sometimes when you get busy and don't look the area over good. That is not neglect on the homeowners part. It is on us.
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    It's a cost of doing business.

    And it's your responsiblity (not the customer's) of making sure it is safe to mow the grass. I have never "thrown away" a mower so can't really be sure just what kind of equipment you're using.
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    How true everyone wants to sue!!! I had a guy fall asleep at the wheel and rear end my car. I don't think he hit his brakes at all. He didn't realize that he fell asleep until he hit me. He hit my car so hard I thought it was a pick up or small dump truck that hit me.
    He made me nod my head so hard I thought I had whip lash. Luck for me my car and myself were fine. Did I sue he no! Did I pretend to be severely hurt no! That is why insurance is so high now a day. Travis
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    Messages: 2,075 this has got to be a joke right? If you take your truck into the shop and the mechanic breaks a tool while working on it do they bill you for the tool? If you hare having your accountant do you taxes and their PC monitor burns out do they bill you for that? This is called the expense of doing business. Please provide some additional info as you can’t be serious.



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