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lawyers are the worest and cheapest customers.

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ok.. I am going to RANT for a little
I think lawyers are some of the worest customers

let me start from the begining.
I get a call from a lawyer wanting to get his yard done on a reg. account. so i go out and talk with him. he tells me he has contract with trugreen and pays them alot of money to keep it green (should have been the first red flag hitting me in the face). so i tell him it needs to be cut once a week. his reply "no I pay alot to truegreen allready and only want it cut ever 2 week(next red flag should have it me into the truck to run but I must have had a brainfart) so i say ok and add a little extra for the once ever 2 week cut. he said ok.
first cut no problem and paid.
2 and 3rd cut billed day before number 4 cut he calls and said do not cut that on the last two cuts we scalped it I say ok i will meet him out there the next a at 6 pm and take a look at it. he said great. the next day me there from 6 to 7 and no customer i leave letter on door saying will come back the next day to meet him if he can not make it to call me, no call, next day i am out there again no customer and again letter in mail box asking to call me, while out there i look at what he is talking about and it is not scalping but he has fungus due to all the rain we have been getting. after 2 weeks with no call from him and now late on unpaid invoice i call him. I started to tell him what the problem was, now i cut his yard at 2 1/2in he tells me i am cutting it to short and the problem is with me cutting it to short and i again tell him he needs it cut weekly he tells me he know lawns and no i am not doing it right. at that point i tell him i can no longer cut for him when can i get my check, he said i am not happy with you work so i do not have to pay you. i told him if you were not happy with the job you should have called the day after the first cut not wait a month to call. so now i have no ideal if i will ever see that money.
I do not like lawyers very much.

thank you for letting me RANT for a little.
and let me know if you have had problem with lawyers before or is it just me.
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You ran into a bad customer. What does being a lawyer have to do with it? I cut lawns for several lawyers some of the best accounts that I have accuired. They never ask how much, just do it and bill me.
I agree with DLCS, just one bad customer. I don't think it had much to do with his profession. I am currently working for a lawyer and he is an awesome customer. Pays promptly and no problems at all. We used to cut for another lawyer who paid a little slow (I think because he was busy), but other than that, never a bad word.

I'd be interested to know how many LCO's your lawyer has gone through. It may just be his way of getting something for free. He figures he's a big bad lawyer, and wobblez the lowly lawn cutter won't dare to argue with someone in his position. Sadly, you may end up eating this one.
I wouldn't say that all lawyers are like that. There are some bad ones, and some really good ones. I've worked for some who didn't even tell me what to do, to a certain extent I would just do whatever I thought needs to be done, and sent them a bill. Got a check not too long after. Had another one who just wanted basic service, and some other minor things here and there. Really nice guy. Gave me a nice tip at the end of the season, always offered me something to drink when he was there. I could bank on the fact that the last day of the month I could bring a bill there, and I would leave with a check. Just take the good ones with the bad ones. Fact of life pretty much.
I think that there may be a mathematical way of explaining the Jerk Factor. Doesn't have anything to do with lawyers - jerks are spread evenly amongst all races and religions and job titles.

Maybe I have an answer:

C = Customers

JF = Jerk Factor (about .055)

So, C x JF = JerkCustomers


136 customers x .055 Jerk Factor = 7.48

So, out of 136 customers you should have roughly 8 jerks!

:blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :blob4:
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A-1, you spend way too much time 'thinking'/calculating, besides, depending on the day, your conclusion quantity seems really low.
Doesn't matter what occupation, race, color,gender, etc, there are two legged anal openings amongst them all.
Need to come up with a detector, something like a metal detector wand to spot these types. It would have to be directional, cause if it were to point in any of our directions, well . . . . . .
A-1, you spend way too much time 'thinking'/calculating
I'll take that as a compliment....

It was a joke, though you are right - .055 is a LOW estimate - and I'm SURE it applies to all of us as well!
Send him a notice that you are taking him to small claims court and find out if you can report him to the Bar Association. If you tie up his time........= major hit in his pocket book. Better yet, go to his law firm and see if you can get a meeting with the Senior partner and stir up some ruckus. :) It may take some of your time but if it were me, I would make it a matter of principle and make him miserable. :angry:
I would simply send the guy a registered letter with a bill included saying "please pay the bill by X/Y/Z to prevent legal action being taken" If you go to his law firm and start causing problems he is just going to take you to court for harassment or something like that. I mean afterall... he IS a lawyer.
The guys a lawyer. That's why (no matter what people say) he's being like this. He knows he'll win any court proceeding no matter who's at fault. I've read posts like this where Mr Customer shafts Mr LCO and many of the people on this board suggest the 3AM round-up treatment. I've never agreed with that because it is, after all, against the law. However, in a case such as yours, where there is absolutely no chance of winning in court I'd probably agree with someone wanting to do this to the guy. I'd even go so far as to say they ought to use something more permanent, like say, muriatic acid poured at the base of some shrubs. Of course I'm talking theoretically, of course.
Calcium Chloride will last for years. Hypothetically speaking of course. :rolleyes: If you have ever had a flat on a loaded tractor tire that area where the calcium chloride spills is done for years. It is a shame people are like that.
I was doing the home of a District Court Judge in my neighborhood. This goes back some years.

By the end of the year, every year he would accumulate a past due in the range of $600.

After some 6 years, this particular spring before we started the cleanup for him. I went to collect the money owed or we would not start the season.

This "Blow Hard" was screaming and cursing at me in the street. Telling me I am low life scum. etc. He ranted for about 15 minutes, yelling at me. Neighbors came out to see and watch the spectical. I stood there calmly never to interupt him. His wife and eldest daughter told him to quiet down and come inside.

I told him I would be right back.

Went home, filled out a small claims form and returned to his house. Showed him what my itention was should he chose not to clear his balance.

The rant began again. But now he wised up after a few minutes and asked me to come inside. While inside he continued his verbal abuse. Not knowing I brought a pocket recorder ;) He went on to tell me of who he was and that he did not have to pay the bill. Went further to tell me that there was not a court in the state that would have him in front of the bench. Yada, yada, yada.

His wife wrote me the check, handed to me in front of him. He was furious. Now I am thinking what an a-hole.

So what I did was in his face, told him that obviously he must need the money and that I am more forgiving person, a better person. I ripped the check in 2 and placed it on the table in the front parlor. Showed him the pocket recorder. Told him that as far as I am concerned your account has now been paid. You will have to find another company.

This "Judge" stood their with his mouth open. Next morning there was a check in my mail box written by him.

In 8 years or so, they have had a different company every year. Never did the property look as good as when we did it. He died, the wife in tears asked me to do the property again. I agreed. now the son that I grew up with owns the house and we still do it.

Judges were lawyers once :)
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You're just now figuring that out? That's been a "fact of life" around here with contractors of all sorts for as long as I can recall. They screw you, then they sue you if you raise a peep about it.
Originally posted by mowerman90
T I've read posts like this where Mr Customer shafts Mr LCO and many of the people on this board suggest the 3AM round-up treatment. I've never agreed with that because it is, after all, against the law. However, in a case such as yours, where there is absolutely no chance of winning in court I'd probably agree with someone wanting to do this to the guy.
I think a nice big round-up'd "$" is in store for his lawn. :blob2:
The reason it's against the bar in most state for a lawyer to have a romantic relationship with a client--- They don't want the client to be billed twice for essentially the same service
I must be living in the exact opposite universe as you, kind of like bizarro superman. I have 2 lawyers as customers. They are almost always the first checks to come in. They are personable, decent guys. The people I have problems with are those with recently found money, like an inheritance or a large mortgage refinance. They wiz through the cash in no time and end up even worse off financially in the end. These are the people that I take to small claims every winter.
well if this means anything.......3 of the 5 times over the last 3 years ive had to file in small claims court it has been against lawyers. They all feel as if they are above the law and if they dont want to pay they just dont have too...... 2 of the 3 payed days before the court date after saying they were gonna come to defend. The 3rd did no show up too court...I won because of that automatically and still wouldnt pay. I had to have the court send a sherrif to his home to tag his posessions for sherrif sale. 2 days before thw auction the sherrif called to tell me he just received a check for the complete balance plus late fees:D
So lets just say im extremly cautious working for lawyers now.:angry:
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