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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by wbkuhler, Feb 18, 2003.

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    I am new to the Lawncare Business and was wondering what a price would run for a eXmark LazerZxp with 27hp diesel, 60 inch deck, mulch kit, and QDC vacuum package? New price?

    How much do dealers mark up?

    Just wondering what type of price to haggle for?

    Deciding what mower to purchas is becoming a real headache. I am not so much worried about the price I have to spend and getting the best possible mower for the money.

    I have 4 Cemetery's to mow that amount to about 50 acres and 5000 head stones. I have two parks that amount to about 30 acres. Then the 12 resindential accounts. I live in a rural community and most yards are fairly large not small like in big city's.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    Thank you for considering the Lazer Z XP.

    MSRP on the 27 hp diesel 60" is around $13,800, the QDS will run around $2000 and a mulck kit another $180.

    Your local Exmark dealer actually sets the selling price on all our products so they will be able to give you actual pricing.

    As far as markup goes there is no set mark up. It will vary from region to region and dealer to dealer. Most dealers don't have a lot of room to negotiate if they plan to have full time quality shop staff, a good supply of parts in inventory and good selection of models to choose from.

    If your dealer is at or below these prices he's treating you pretty well.



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