Laying Dormant Bermuda Sod

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by TScapes, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I have a question for those individuals north of Tennessee. Have you ever laid Bermuda sod in the winter? If so, what was your results? I have a neighbor that insists on bermuda being laid now, but I am not sure with the temps here in TN during the winter. I would think that it would not take and have lots of die back in the spring.

    I have laid plenty of warmseason grasses in Georgia and Alabama during the winter months without hesitation, but never have run into this situation here in Tennessee. My experience says "Yes-do it" but my mind keeps saying it is best to wait until spring. It's no matter to me one way or another, I am just helping my neighbor out with a little project. Of course if I do it now, I know that my wife's Christmas present will be paid for....payup

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    Here in Oklahoma I've seen them lay bermuda year round. I've even heard of them scraping snow off a yard to lay it. I think it will be ok.
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    Same here in AZ, lay it year round. Though it's hovering aroun 65-70 deg, so I suppose it's not really the same. By the way, the mowing is great here this time of the year.
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    we work with a lot of 419..

    we also lay all year. i remember a few years ago it sleeted on the pallets overnight. The squares were frozed solid. We had to pry them apart, and they were so stiff they were like laying pieces of plywood.....

    come spring it looked great.

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