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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tthomass, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. tthomass

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    So........those of you that have full time employees and then shut down for you lay them off or are you still paying out or a portion at least with minimal work???

    Also, when you lay off someone don't you as a business have to pay something towards unemployement?

    If things get slow enough I told the guy that works for me (right hand man so to speak) that we may just take January off and he can collect unemployement. Then pick what small jobs we want and just pay him some cash........therefore he still makes the same $ but we get a break too.
  2. arapahoetree

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    I have a tree company. I layed off my one employee since I have no work this winter. He's filed for unemployment. What I have been told is that next year my unemployment costs will increase.

    For example, I only paid about $150/quarter into Unemployment insurance on that one employee this past year. He'll be collecting more than that on a weekly basis. So I guess Unemployment has to make up those costs they will increase my rate next year. Hope it's not too bad!!! It was something to take into consideration, as I may be better off trying to keep him on P/T. However in my situation, I chose to lay off.

    I'll let you know next year if it was worth it! :hammerhead:
  3. Mike33

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    Im in the same situation, just layed off my full time employee. This year he is intitiled to his benefits. I know my rate will go up but hope not to much. They are supposed to contact us as an employer of how much. If you bring him back for small jobs, make sure you tax him and is his responsibility to notify unemployment board. Do not pay cash:hammerhead: that is a fraud and you can be prosecuted for that, and dont think you cant get caught because you can. It works so much better to run a business the way you are supposed too, looking over your shoulder will some time bite you in the ass.
  4. tthomass

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    We're probably taking a trip to where I'm from and installing an irrigation system for a couple days and hanging out the rest of the time. Slip some cash as a thank you.

    I do run a legit business...........I know nothing about the "unemployement" world, so I'm asking.
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    Where do you suppose the phrase came from about the axe?

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  7. ed2hess

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    A good thing about H2B workers they leave Dec.1 and we bring them back as soon as we can in spring usually late Feb or early March. For our other guys we will do just about anything we can find. In our area we almost have to keep them employed over the winter or the bigger companies will pick them up and put them on salary.
  8. crzymow

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    This is the first year that I've had an employee (i bought out my partner last winter). I had to lay him off, no way to keep him on the books for about 3.5-4 months with no money coming in. I know my rate will go up next year but still woundnt justify my to keep him on the books.
  9. Lawnworks

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    With H2B don't they have to go back for 3 months or is it less? I need at least 2 guys in the winter... that is my problem w/ h2b.
  10. richard1103

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    if you have any work 1 or 2 days make him work report his earnings you control the uemployment let him draw the differncepeople think they pay unemployment i tell them to show me on check stud or w2 where it says enemployment. why would you want to pay a higher rate and tax bracket theres 2 types of unemployment atached and (total seperated that would he has to look for work).let him get hurt on the
    job and he will open up a big can of **** (that would be stupid)

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