Laying Pavers in Cement Sand Mixture

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by traderfjp, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. traderfjp

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    I mostly have done patios but am trying to figure out the best way to do a driveway with pavers. I need to rip out hte existing aspalt which has been down for 30+ years. I was originally going to lay 8" of RCA and wait a month and then lay the pavers. A friend of mine said it would be best to put down a 4" base of sand mized with cement and dry lay the pavers over that. The cement will add much more to the price which is not a concern but he said that the pavers won't move and it is a better job. Any advice is appreciated. Also what is the siggested ratio of sand to cement. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bru75

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    12" of crusher run (21-A) gravel, compacted in lifts.
    Don't listen to your friend.
  3. Crash

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    Yup I agree.
  4. traderfjp

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    I think I', going to do it the way I've always done patios with zero problems. For driveways am I better with RCA certified or the smaller road base?
  5. Bru75

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    Not sure, what size is RCA? I use 21-A, which is everything from 3/4" down to dust.
  6. PatriotLandscape

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    rca recycled asphalt? not good if you get a heavy frost it can heave.

    use 21-a or modified, we call it dense grade.
  7. Paver Gangster

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    Your friend is on drugs.
  8. traderfjp

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    Intersting enough another guy in the business who lays lots of pavers also suggest that I lay my pavers on a dry bed of sand a cement along with 4" of base. My supplier told me the same things as did another fellow who does lots of pavers. The only reason I'm considering this is that the driveway is 2000 sq. ft. and talking out 15" of soil for the base and pavers is a lot of dirt and is adding a tremendous cost to the job. That almost 120 yards of dirt. I need 20 yard containers at 400.00 a pop. That 2400.00 just for the containers. Any suggestions?
  9. toppslandscaping

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    This is the old school method. It works and will keep your driveway from getting ruts but you still have to lay a good base first.
  10. Stone Creations

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    4" RCA & 4" sand & cement mix will be fine

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