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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by newleaflandscape, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. newleaflandscape

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    I just layed some 4 inch plastic tile at a guys house. We ran from the downspouts 100 feet away from the house. We ended up using a backhoe and digging down six feet at one point to keep it going downhill. We tiled out four downspouts. There were two on each side of the house so we tied in two together and ran them out. We ended up laying about 350 feet of tile. Believe it or not it took us 15 hours. I can usually lay that much in about 2 hours. But since we had to dig so deep in some spots and it was wet on top of that it took longer. We had to get it in and only had three days notice because he needed it layed before the concrete guys came in to lay a patio. So here is my question. What is goin rate for laying tile. I usually only charge 1.10 a foot. And I know I am cheap at that price. I was wondering what you guys charge on an average basis. I cant charge him that little though because of all my labor out on that job. So I am trying to determine what is fair. I am thinking 3 dollars a foot, and I will still not be making money on it at that price. But considering we got in their on only three days notice and he said I dont care what it cost I have to have it done it makes me wanna charge more. But he is in a new subdivision with lots of new homes going up and he is a popular guy so I want to treat him right at the same time.
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    10.00 per foot, not including regrade/seed or sod
    No "emergency" fee.
    I always try and negotite time with other contractors on site so we are not killing eachother with the schedule
  3. newleaflandscape

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    10.00 a foot. For real. That seems way expensive. I sure as hell wouldnt pay that.
  4. NickN

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    Let's see,at $50 per manhour and if you had two guys working for 15 hours that comes to $1500 labor.The tile is around $8 per 10 foot section(if memory serves me right) at 35 sections = $280 for tile.So far I'm at $1780 (if only two guys were working and no gravel was used and NOT including the backhoe,which needs to be priced out at $75 per hour(Think of how many hours it would take to dig by hand)Now,you should of had some soil left.Did you haul it off?How much did you haul?That's $50 per load to dump.
    Also,did you use gravel?Charge for it.Charge for hauling it or charge for your time having it delivered(If someone else brought it in)
    We just installed a 70 foot drain with a septic basin at the end and a catch basin at the beginning.Took four guys 8 hours.I charged 1400.I didn't charge 50 per man as this is a contract customer whom I've made $2000 off of this month alone.If you installed that much drain tile,you're in for some serious money.
  5. kris

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    You've finished the job now your looking for the cost?
    He is a popular guy in a new subdivision? What you want to be known as the cheap guy and have your summer filled up with jobs that cost you money? Come on... figure out your costs add your profit and charge him accordingly.
  6. blafleur

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    Gotta agree with the others. Charity is for the needy. Since this on this job you get the opportunity to know how much time you spent charge based on time spent. The customer said he didnt care what it costs, because he knows short notice jobs jobs done in time are worth money, and he expects you to make a profit. He didnt get the money he will pay you with by doing charity work.

  7. Lombardi

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    I charge a minimum of $100.00 per drain up to 10' out. These are dug by hand and include the pipe, adapters and pop-up. I have never had anyone complain about the price yet.
  8. newleaflandscape

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    NickN I dont get charged that much for tile. I bought a total of 4 one hundred foot rolls and it cost me a total of 68 bucks. That inluded the downspout adapters as well. It is a new lot so we didnt have to haul out any material. My labor is at 47.80 an hour so I came to 1434 for labor. And with equipment I always charge per day based on what rentals are going for. I called them up and a backhoe rents for 210 a day. So I figured 450 for the machine. So I came up to 1952. Thats somewhere around 5.56 a foot layed. So I think thats what I am going to charge him. It seems expensive to me. But thats the cost I have into it.
  9. D Felix

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    As much as I hate talking actual prices here, that price seems reasonable.

    Last fall, we put less than 200 feet of pipe in the ground (about equal amounts of 4" and 6" tile), and estimated price was around $1500. Charged price was about $2-300 more, since we ran into an abandoned septic tank and had to deal with it.:(

    This was also an older house in town, we had to take 2 sections of sidewalk up and replace them, in addition to re-seeding.

    I have to wonder what kind of quality the pipe was that you bought.... 17 cents a foot is about a dime per foot less than what we can get it for around here (4"), even with wholesale prices....

    Did you mark up your materials? Usually we mark up hardgoods 50%, plants are marked up 100%....

  10. NickN

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    Something doesn't sound right.You said you can lay 350ft of tile in 2 hours normally?Including the digging?Then you're down to 6 feet deep at one point?I can understand that,but how in the heck can you dig 350 feet plus be at 6 feet deep and lay the tile in 2 hours normally?
    The tile I bought was in ten foot sections.They were out of stock of the 100 foot rolls.That was a price off the top of my head.I don't have a receipt here handy.
    When we layed it,I made sure to put a debris sock on the tile to keep any dirt or gravel from clogging the pipe later down the line.That took a whileI also started at 10" deep and went to around 14" deep.I backfilled with drainage gravel and then placed a soil barrier on top of the gravel,then backfilled the rest with soil and re-installed the sod.We did dig to 5 ft at the end to install the septic basin.We installed a catch basin at the driveway,since that's where all the water was coming from.It's working like a champ and we've had some serious rain since the installation.
    I can't believe some of the prices you are getting for so much digging and hard work.Heck,I live in Alabama,home of the poor and we got 1400 for 70 feet and that wasn't full price.

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