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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Mike33, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Mike33

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    Here is our current job wall 115' x 4'. Set base course and second course yesterday, customer came home from work and didnt like layout. I had another soft turn with some charactor since the wall was so long but they didnt like it. We had to pull around 35 blocks and re-set base now they are happy. Has any one else ever had a mis communication like this and had to change your work? Thinking of ways i could have prevented this. We had around an extra 4 hours of work doing this. But this is how they want it and very happy, makes my pay day.


  2. chesie

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    This is why we use scaled drawings for everything and then have it as part of the contract with the client signing the drawing for approval. I know it is alot of extra paperwork but CYA.

    BTW it sucks that you had to go through that but w/o a drawing it is hard to place blame.
  3. ChampionLS

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    Eeek... Alan block (haha). Anyway... I would have put some stakes out to outline the proposed area. If they changed their mind then, they should compensate you for your lost time. Was it really that important to modify the layout from what you had originally done?
  4. waltero

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    I do the same thing, scaled drawings with a clients signature.

  5. kootoomootoo

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  6. skidster32

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    i would have poured a footing
  7. Bill S

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    Short of scaled drawing signed off by client, spray paint also works very well! Now the client can really envision that soft curve.... They see exactly where the wall will start and stop....

    Spray out 48 hours to commencement of job, touch base 24 hours prior to start and hopefully everything is good.
  8. PatriotLandscape

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    what are you talking about? that is a SRW wall you don't pour footings.
  9. PatriotLandscape

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    Do you usually use clean stone for your base? I have seen it done before but was not sure how it held up. All the specs I have read said to use dense grade (proc. gravel.)
  10. richallseasons

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    How many times have you dealt with a customer that even after you have provided a drawing and marked the site and explained it 22 times they still have no clue as to what it will look like and when your done is only when you here "so thats what you had in mind":hammerhead: some people just have no imagination or perception

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