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    We all are in the process of learning about applications and doing the absolute best that we can at a fair price so give someone like me who has two years experience what you do and how you do it. I will be the first to go and explain why I do it. Most of my accounts are in Zones 5b with a few in the 5a which doesn't change hardly anything for me.

    We sell a five step program standard with a six app if people choose. Here it goes so I hope that I give all of the info correctly so you may understand.

    1) Early Spring - usually mid to late March when ground tempatures reach around 37 to 40 degrees but this is usually determined by what are schedule is with how much spring landscaping, spring cleanups, and mulching that we have to do. It includes a 19-3-5 with 30% Controlled Slow Release Nitrogen with dimension .107 that is applied at 3.93 lbs per K

    2) Late Spring - early May six weeks out from first round, 1/4 pound OF N 8-8-16 because of most of our accounts are non-irrigated and getting them ready for summer stress. Along with that I apply Momentum for broadleaf control.

    3) Blanket weed control in June for any leftover weeds usually is Monemtum, 3-Way, maybe drive if needed.

    4) Merit or Talstar - for insect control we only have three accounts that want this service. This is done in July but we could also do a spot weed app if requested.

    5) Fall revitilizer - 29-3-4 with 2% iron at 1/2 pound of N since doing research am considering adding Momentum or Gallery as a pre-emergent for dandelions in Fall 2008. We will do this in mid September but again it is affected by mowing patterns and schedules.

    6) Winterizer - 46-0-0 urea applied in November at 2.5lbs per K for next spring.

    Any thoughts and critques about what I do will be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on what you do and why you do it will be welcomed.
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