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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lee b, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. lee b

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    Demoed new lazer 60"/25 kohler and deere m665 60"/25 kohler today. The grass is still dead, so I didn't have any grass to mow. These two mowers are so much alike, if they were not different colors you couldn't tell 'em apart. The only important difference is the decks. Tires are one size smaller on deere and the sticks were a little stiffer. Other than that they are twins. The chassis and controls are exactly alike. The deere ran a little smoother. The deere is $1300.00 cheaper, but the lazer has a better {been around longer} reputation. Deere dealer is local, Exmark dealer is 65 miles away. Wanted to look at a 27LC lazer, but dealer says he don't know when he'll be able to get one. I've never seen two machines from different companies so much alike. Are ya'll sure Exmark doesn't build ztr's for Deere? I thought a demo would make up my mind once and for all, now I'm leaning towards Deere when I was going for a lazer Help me out with your opinions!!!!
  2. Mike Felices

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    Ex-mark uses a 7 gauge welded steel deck, where as Deere uses a 12 gauge stamped deck. The 7 gauge will hold up a lot better, and take more of a beating than the 12 gauge deck on the Deere. You also have to look at the blade tip speed on each machine. Ex-mark is between 18,00 nad 18,500fpm. I have no idea what Deere is, but I doubt they are that fast. From seeking the majority of the landscapers in my general area almost everyone uses either Ex-mark, Toro, Snapper, or Walker. The Deere dealers around here don't even stock the commercial riders. They only keep one arond for a demo machine. Buy what you think is the better machine. I think that you will be much happier with the Lazer. You have more engines and options for the machine.

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  3. Administrator

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    Why don't you ask a eXmark rep. at

    As you guys can see im pushing my new site. Soon I will send out my PR to all the manufacturers and publishers.

    Chuck Keough
  4. mdb landscaping

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    all i can say, is that i have never seen anyone in my area with a deere ztr on the trailer. i think if they were as great as you say they are there would be a lot more out there. maybe you need to start the trend though.
  5. lee b

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    Mike, the deere has the 7-iron deck which is 7-gauge also.
  6. Mike Felices

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    from Georgia
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    My bad. I wasn't sure of that. The last time I saw a Deere rider it had a 12 gauge deck, and that was this past summer. My vote is still for the Ex-mark. My closest Ex-amrk dealer is 2 min. up the street, but I won't buy any equipment form them, because their maintenance sucks. I go to another dealer that is 45 min. away. Don't always pick the closest dealer. Pick the one that you are going to get the best service from after the sale. They might be there for you until they sell it, but after the sale is what really matters.
  7. lee b

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    I totally agree about service. Thats another plus, however, for deere. I've been doing business with them for years { I also farm} and their service is great. I don't know about the Exmark dealer, I've never done business with them. I like the deere and the exmark. Exmark has a great reputation and Deere has great service. Both machines are really close , almost identical, but I haven't seen them mow side by side. That could be the deciding factor, but I've heard they both mow great.
  8. GREG R

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    We have been running commercail deere products for 10 years now. I am currently running 1-36"wb, and 2-665 mid mounts,(just sold two -48s) One 665 has over 600hrs and other has about 500hrs. One has a PeCo bagger on it because deere does not make a bagger for it. The sticks will loosen up after the break-in period.
    We are very happy with its performance. I would stay away from the f-620/f-680's, had one and put about 800 hrs on it before I was fed up with it (service department had it more than I did)
    The reason I chose deere products is because of the service
    service department (sale department really stinks). if I need a mower, break down or whatever they won't even hesitate to give me. They know I'm a commercail user and they want my future business.
    I do not have any experience with Exmark so I can't comment on them, any question I can help on-just post-I'll anwser.

    Go with what your gut tells you too, I'm sure either mower will serve you well.
  9. lee b

    lee b LawnSite Fanatic
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    Greg, how do you like the 7-iron decks? Do they cut good and how fast can you mow with the m665? Anything you don't like about them? Thanks
  10. Randy Scott

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    I would definately try to demo both mowers. If you think the results are similar, go with the Deere. I can't believe I said that, (my Lazer is out in the garage probably thinking about comin' in here and mowing me down) If you receive good service from the Deere dealer, that will make all the difference in the world. Plus your Deere dealer is close, and time is money. What happens if you buy the eXmark and the dealer turns out to be poor with service or other problems, your Deere dealer might not want to treat you as well if you come crawling back to him now. SERVICE is everything, just a note, it's related but with snowmobiles instead. Since 1994 I've purchased a new Ski-Doo snowmobile every year, that's 7 new sleds. My girlfriend, now wife, bought 4 new ones in that time. That's 11. Between other buddies and ours we probably bought 20 or 25 new sleds in this time frame. The dealer we all bought from was 1 hour and 10 minutes from our house. The point of this story? We drove past two different Ski-Doo dealers to get to this guy. One 5 minutes from my house and the next was about 20 minutes away. It was the same conversation every year when we would go get our sleds, laughing about the poor service and the jacka$$es that owned those places. So to me, service is everything. Those dealers new what was going on too. There were plenty of opportunities over the years to get a few cheap shots in at the dealer shows and through the grapevine.

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