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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. HOMER

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    I talked with my new mowing buddy yesterday about his Lazer and the fact that it eats blades! He had a set on his mower that were shot after 3 days of use!

    Is this a common thing with the Lazer? Is it due to the deck design? I can get about 5 sharpenings out of my Choppers before I trash the blades and buy a new set.

    I saw him today and we were both cutting weeds for the most part. He wanted to know if my Chopper was leaving un-cut strips of grass/weeds and I showed him that it wasn't. I ragged him pretty hard for using worn out blades and he told me the set he was running was brand new, put on last night! They looked bad already...........just curious if it is him or the blades or the deck design.
  2. Runner

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    I don't know what kind of blades he was using, or what he was cutting with them, but I never heard of such a thing before. I know it's not all that uncommon this time of year for people to go blasting through hunks of sod left over from unrepaired plow divots, (why they do it, I don't know) but he had to have been doing some heavy cutting of something besides grass to do that. Sure, sand will cause alot of wear, but not THAT fast. Also, was he hitting gravel prior to that? That would definitely do it too.
  3. joshua

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    i'm with runner, i have 5 sets for my lazer (of blades) used them all last year and so far this year, they are great, not a thing wrong with them. you boys might want to hit sticks and stuff like that. that or someone doesn't know hhow to sharpen blades. i'm pluzzed on this one.
  4. HOMER

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    I was puzzled too! I've never seen anyone go through a set in 3 days, these were gators and the teeth on them were broken off already!

    It looked like he had been at the beach mowing sea weed! Maybe it was a rookie thing..........kinda like a Nascar driver saving his tires till the last 2 or 3 laps!

    He would have hit the wall!
  5. awm

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    my gators hold up well but running doubles i have noticed that the standard blades get dull twice as fast as the gators
  6. Eric ELM

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    If you take a look at the blade on my double blade page that is angled from the lower right to the upper left, it has approximately 150 hours on it in that picture. I ran just two sets of blades on the diesel from June to last fall when that picture was taken. This blade was on the bottom and got sharpened every other day, approximately 40 times. The other blade you see, the Gator blade is two seasons old and is worn more, but it's been sharpened at least 100 times. I run a standard blade on the top and only sharpen it once a week.

    AWM, I'm guessing you are running the Gator blades on top, which is the reason it doesn't get dull as fast. The bottom blade does all the cutting of the grass, the top one only chops up the clippings more.

    I read on another post where someone only sharpens his blades a few times and throws them away. What's wrong with a blade that you need to throw them away after sharpening them 5 times Homer?

  7. HOMER

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    Usuall the air lift is thinning or broken out at the tip. If not the blades develop a divot in the center that is real hard to sharpen.

    I keep tellin' ya'll your cuttin the good grass, we got the hard stuff down here. Your also cutting at 4" and I'm at 2". This keeps your blades from stirring up so much sand and dirt thus extending the life span. Five sharpenings is about all I ever get before they go to the milk crate.

    One of these days I'm coming up there and make some stripes! I cut a little rye this year, next year I'll have it in more places and you better believe I'm gonna make stripes!
  8. lee b

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    I can't get but 5 or 6 sharpenings on a set of blades before there useless. How can you sharpen one a hundred times? After a day or two of hard mowing a brand new blade will already have the corner rounded off, after sharpening a few times you start getting into the airlift on the back of the blade. Warm season grass will eat mower blades in a hurry and the sand will blow holes through the deck, I've seen grasshoppers, scags, and every kind of mower you can think of with gaping holes welded over on the decks. Mowing grass in the south is tough on equipment and the people who run it.
  9. DMC300

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    Down here I have to sharpen blades daily.The dry sandy conditions cause the blades to be visibly dull after 4-5 hrs..
    This is on both the Dixie and the Lazer,the sand doesn't discriminate!
    Eric,Idon,t know about Homer but after awhile (a short while) the lifts get eaten off by the sand.So while you still have blade left you can't mow with it.
  10. HOMER

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    I wonder if anybody makes a stainless steel blade! Maybe they would last longer. Eric could get 3 yrs out of one while we might get a good month! :D

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