Lazer CT or Phaser?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MarkD, Feb 24, 2006.

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    I was at my local eXmark dealer today and was impressed by what I saw. Most of the units there were geared more towards commerical application, as was the dealer's on hand knowledge of the machines. Not to say that he didn't know his stuff, just not as well on the lower end models.

    Anyway, I will be mowing 2 acres once a week and am trying to decide between the Lazer CT 48 and the Phaser 44. My yard is pretty flat, just gentle grading away from the house, less than 5%.

    There isn't a lot of info on the Phaser on the eXmark website so I'm hoping my questions can be answered here. Basically I'm wondering about the differences between the CT and Phaser, specifically.

    1. Deck construction
    2. Hydro specifications
    3. Frame construction
    4. Tire sizes
    5. Top speed of Phaser. Web says 8mph for Phaser, 7.2 for CT. Is that right.
    6. Blade tip speeds for each unit.

    Price difference is only a few hundred dollars so I am wondering if there are any specific advantages/disadvantages to each unit for my needs.

    This is a one time purchase (hopefully) so I want to get it right and grass will be growing here in the NE before I know it!


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    Hello MarkD,
    Thanks for checking out Exmark.
    The decks are the 03 TriVantage for both the Phazer and CT. They are made of 7 gauge steel sidewall and 10 gauge top plate with seamless bead welds. Both decks can side discharge, mulch or side bag. The CT has a rear bag collection system option for around $1200.

    The hydro drive systems are different from each other. The CT has the traditional pump and motor configuration using 10cc pumps and wheel motors. The Phazer has an Intergrated Hydro Drive System(ZT2800)where the pump and wheel motor are a complete system. The ZT2800 is a professional grade hydro system backed by our 2 year warranty.

    Both model's front frames are constructed with the same steel tubing as the the Lazer Z and offer the durability that has been associated with the Exmark product line.

    The CT drive tires are 20" diameter while the Phazer has 18". To maintain a low center of gravity for the Phazer we needed to use the smaller drive tires. Both models front caster tires are semi-pneumatic and 11" in diameter.

    Top speeds of the Phazer at 8 mph and 7.2 for the CT are the tested speeds.

    Blade tip speeds for both are 18,500 feet per minute.

    As far as adv/disadv. the CT has a wider stance and would handle slopes better. The CT has a rear bag option while the Phazer has none at this point, but the Phazer is less expensive and would work well on your 2 acres.

    Demo one or both and decide for yourself.

    Thanks Brian
  3. MarkD

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    Thanks for the reply. Can you provide me with design life hours for the transmissions? How about torque ratings? Sorry to be a tech-head but I'd need to know this info before buying.

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    Get the CT. I love mine and they are great machines!!

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