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  1. my Lazers all cut on diffent heghts on the deck lift arm

    i have measured and relevaled decks repaced lift staps and can't
    get them to cut at the height they should say on the deck lift sticker

    I hane one '99 25hp koh and 2 '00 EPS but that shouldn't make a differace anything else in the deck lift system wear to affect that?

    it's getting fustrating to remember witch mower is what height for 3"
    I eaven marked them what height is what but it keeps changing
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    I noticed this as well, I'm not sure if it is the weight of the machine, I know for sure it isn't the tire pressure. We have checked it. Our lazer when on 3 inches cuts at 2.5inches. You just have to mark it on the mowers.
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    Dear eXmark,
    The LAWNGODFATHER & LAWNBOY must be reading my mind. I have a
    friend in the business, and he is having the same problem w/ a
    brand new 25hp.60" lazer. The rear deck adjustment is all the
    way up from the factory & the deck is approx. 1/2" off. These
    machines don't have enough adjustment in the rear to suit me.
    I ran in to this same problem w/ several lazers at my past
    employer. On those mowers I replaced the lift arm weldment
    and connecting straps & pins. This helped give us more adjust-
    ment, but after about 6 months of use, the decks would be off
    again. Do you have a fix or do we have to live with this problem
    which can be a pain in the butt, constantly trying to keep track
    of mowers height of cut. Also, mowers are greased weekly and rear
    tires are not worn and inflated as recommended. Any help would be
    great. Thanks, ED
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    Deck Leveling,

    This is a very good question to ask and a tuff one to answer. There are so many vairables that effect the deck setting.

    The tuff part of this is there isn't one good answer. You first must find out what has changed to make the deck set at the wrong height. It can be anything from a low tire, to bent lift arm. The other thing that it could be is a bunch small items wearing that add up to a big loss in height. Small items.... chains, bolts, nuts, links, swivels, and pins. About the only good way to fix the problem is to handle it case-by-case. This is why it is hard to answer.

    I do know that the trailer ride causes a lot of our issues, that is if you leave the deck up off of the trailer bed. Your units have some pretty rough rides back there. 30 to 40 mph. though some bumps and dips feel smooth to you, but your unit can really get jumping around. Also hitting or driving off of a curb 5 to 10 mph. can send it for a ride. Usually this is where cross shafts twist or lift levers bend. The best thing you can do is let the deck all the way down so it sets on the trailer.

    If your unit simply dropped in height it makes thing a little easier. The number 1 thing that you should look at is the 2 flat links and the 2 clevis pins that connect the lift arm to the deck lift cross shaft. I have fixed many units this way or make a 80% improvement. The next thing it could be is the lift lever or one of those components it that area. These all effect the over all height of the machine.

    Ed you commented about being to low in the rear, most of this has to do with tire size. All the tires out there vary in height. Here at the factory we measure all of the drive tires on the Lazers. They should measure 72" - 75" in circumference, if they are out of this range we reject the tire. Do not trust the size printed on the tire. I have found that this is not always accurate. So if you use a tire brand other than what comes from the factory, measure it.

    We at Exmark are constantly up grading unit to fix issues such as a rough ride on the trailer. We also work on making deck leveling easier for the guys in the field. The best thing to do if you are able to, is get it into one of our dealers. We hold yearly training to up date and inform them to serve you guys. Lets face it I would not have a job if you cutters weren't buying Exmark. I hope I helped some of you, if not feel free to contact me by phone or email. 402-223-6270, [email][/email]

    Fred, Exmark Customer Care!
  5. Well Ed I have replaced every thing but the deck lift arm

    oh yes I just out of spite I eaven mesuered tir circumfrance and height had to replace one when we where all done it got back to being 1/2" off it was lower

    yes I can see trailering can be hard on the decks and I also told the guy not to use the deck as a step to get on the mower that seemed to help a bit

    But I can't afford to keep spending money on the same parts every couple of weeks now that my mowers are out of warrenty or spend the time at night on them to keep fixing deck height

    I even had the dealer do all the same things you have mensioned

    (but I used the well detailed manual to relevel the deck)(It's hard to find a 1/2" block of wood with no table saw but 3/8" socket works well)

    I would love for the mower to cut on 3 1/2" when it says 3 1/2"
    instead of using a tape mesure every morning just to be sure
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    My Lazer 25/60 is brand new, and before I even mowed with it, I measured the difference in the actual height of cut and what is marked. It's off by about a 1/2 inch. Any thoughts on this? Are they shipped this way? Will it keep changing as Lawngodfather's seems to do? I measured at the discharge chute with the blade tip towards the chute. Tire pressure is right.
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    First thing I would do is take it to your dealer for inspection. It is possible a new machine is off 1/2" but with the current deck leveling method that Fred and others have developed it is much less likely that it was last year.

    It's not always easy to find a 6 food by 6 food square concrete pad that is flat and level which can really throw your measurements off. Your dealer should have a spot in his shop that he knows is level or at least knows it is level enough to measure from. I leveled the deck on a mower this weekend out in the field and it took me longer to find the right spot on the concrete pad than it did to actually level the deck.

    You will also want to measure the height from the front tip to the ground with the blades pointing forward. You'll also find that measuring the cut height is not as easy as it sounds or at least that's what I found. Not everybody has one of those fancy deck height-measuring devices that the dealers and our lab guys have. In my case I had 4 different measurements for the same blade before I figured out a more consistent measuring device than the tape measure I had.

    Have your dealer take a look at it, if it's wrong he'll see to it that it is correct. If it's right then all your worries have been relieved. In either case have your dealer give me a call at 402-223-6358.

    Also if you could e-mail me your model and serial number at and I can get with the production guys and find out if we had any production issues that day, were training, had the company picnic the night before or anything else that may have caused a slip in quality or anything else.


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    I'm having a world of trouble with my deck leveling. It started off with the right side cutting about 1/4" lower on the right than the left. Not noticable on the rows, but noticeable on the borders. Well, I went through all the procedures, set the deck on 3/4" blocks, retightened the chains, and started adjusting from there. Well, when I went to raise the front up, it would pull the whole rod through, pulling the back up as well. Then, I discovered my adjust thread rod had a bad thread on it, and I couldn't turn the front adjustments where I needed them on the right hand side. So, after replacing that the next day, I messed around with it for two MORE hours, (on top of the 3 I put into it the night before. Well, finally, I just took it to a friends shop who owns 6 of these machines, and his mechanic set it straight in about 20 minutes. The problem is, is that now, the deck rides so low, that I have to have my setting like on 4 or 4.25 to equal what USED to be about 3.25 to 3.5. I also have about 1/4 pitch on this deck, rather than the prefered 1/8". I talked to the dealer, but they said they get $125 to reset these decks. They said it takes them about 2 hours. Is this about the right rate for this for a dealer? I'm frustrated and confused.
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    The time to level a deck is really going to vary based on experience and how far out the deck is. I polled our experienced and not so experienced group of Customer Service reps, lab techs and myself. Here's my conclusion: If the guy knows what he's doing is pretty good and does a thorough job 30-45 minutes at least. If he's not thorough as little as 20 minutes. The average dealer tech will take at least 45 minutes to one hour plus. A guy not so experienced ad at least 15 minutes. I leveled a deck a while back and I'll bet it took me an hour and a half.

    This is only estimate and two hours is not out of the question. Some dealers will pad it a little and give you the appropriate break if they get done early.

    Special note. If the dealer tech opens the operator’s manual to review the deck leveling procedure add 1 hour. If he reviews the adjustment video deduct 15 - 30 minutes. The operator’s manual is a wonderful tool, however most of us should not even look at it if we're going to level the Lazer deck. It can get a little confusing. The adjustment video may cost a few bucks but it is MUCH easier to follow.

    Just one of the reasons why we've changed to the 2002 models.


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    Please fill me in on this adjustment video. as I was going to ask you about that, anyway. I knew one is available, because I talked to another lco that said he had it. How much will I pay, and how can I get it. Do I just send a check right to you, or do I have to go through my dealer? This is a must have, and I DEFinitely want one. Thanks!:blob4:

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