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Lazer-<br>Since I know you are really into the Exmarks I need some help w/ making a regular mait. schedule. What things do you work on/ check every day????? Greasing? In case you haven't heard yet; I have an Exmark Lazer Z HP 48&quot; 21hp Kaw. What oil do you use? Please send me as many details as you have time to write. I want to take care of my mower and the manuel is horribly written. I can't barely get any specifics from the manuel. I am just looking for things like-air pressure, external cleaning (blowing off grass), cleaning under the deck, changing blades(how often in terms of yards?) Does the type of grease make a difference? If you don't understand what to write, just try to think about a normal day of work. And if it is a lot of writing you could just e-mail me if that's easier.<br> Thanks so much<br> Grassboy

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I have a 48&quot; HP. There is a maintenance schedule under the hinged floor plate for the mower. My HP has the 18 horse Kohler and it has a maintenance schedule on the underside of the air filter cover.


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Use EP grease. That is what is recommended in the Dixie Choppers. It is a higher class of grease than the standard grease you can buy at Lesco. I think EP stands for extreme pressure. I bought Valvoline Ep grease at Carquest for about 1.25 a tube

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