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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by maacla, Sep 24, 2001.

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    Hi, I found a great year end deal on a HP 52 but the dealer said that I only had a week to make my order. When I asked if it would be a 2002 model he said probably not, that it would be a crated unit shipped to him but they would ship current inventory first. I would really like to know if there were any changes made in 2002. Thanks Mike
  2. eXmark

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    There have been several changes that will include larger fuel filler opening, standard foot lift assist, standard cup holder, canister air filter, and an aluminum hydro tank will replace the steel tank on the 2001 model.

    You need to weigh the value of the changes for 2002 vs. the discount you can receive on the 2001 model. Incidentally the most popular additions on the 2002 models are the foot lift assist and the canister air filter. Both are retrofittable options on the 2001 model.


  3. a1 lawncare

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    can i get the remote canister filter for my 2001, it has the 23 kaw and i was told today, by the dealer that it was only for the kohler ? and there was a after market canister filter that worked but would void the warranty

    thanks, keith
  4. Vibe Ray

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    Will even the Kawasaki's have the canister air filters on them? Why did you switch from the steel to aluminum for the hydro tank? Any particular reason? By the way that is cool as hell that you are making the foot lift standard!!! I'm glad you've come to your senses! Just kidding!
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    Vibe Ray and A1,

    All good questions. First the Kawasaki engine will NOT be available with a canister air filter. All engine manufacturers must have their engines tested to meet EPA requirements. This includes any changes to the engine, such as a change in air filter design. Unfortunately Kawasaki does not have a canister air filter available that has been tested or certified.

    Adding an aftermarket canister air filter is something that you should address with Kawasaki. Traditionally ALL engine manufacturers frown on the thought of adding an aftermarket filter of any type. I wouldn't recommend it. Additionally the fact remains that the filter most likely is not EPA certified and the EPA would frown on that. Incidentally when the EPA frowns, it usually costs somebody some $$$$$.

    The aluminum reservoir does give us a couple of advantages. One is that we do get some additional cooling benefit, better fluid level indicator and the new cap seals much better. The biggest advantage was cost. Welding the steel tanks is very labor intensive and it takes time to ensure that the seams seal properly. With the savings in labor on the hydro tank it helps us to add other features like the canister air filter and the foot lift assist with a minimum increase in cost to the overall machine.

    We actually have a team of engineers that focus on improving the current design while at the same time reducing cost. The key is to continue adding value without increasing your cost for a new machine.

    Glad you like the foot lift assist, it took some time but we do try to listen and if at first we don't hear you. Say it a little louder! Sooner or later we'll catch on.



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    Yeah, we'll keep yelling - my dealer had never seen a foot deck lift assist and wasn't very interested - in fact, I had to go to 3 dealers to get one to order it, but due to this web site, I ordered one for my mower and will never operate without one again - it's great!
  7. eXmark

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    Howard Jones,

    Glad you like the foot lift assist. In your dealers defense we really haven't been promoting the foot lift assist very much thus far. In fact most dealers aren't even aware that it is exists. With any new product we like to have a "stock pile" built up because generally we can't build things fast enough.

    We've been looking for ways to better prepare our dealers for these new products/accessories and we're still working on it. It wasn't until this past week that we caught up with the demand we had. It'd be tough to get caught up if we had actually been out promoting the foot lift any sooner.

    We apologize for any delays you may have had in getting your foot lift ordered. Incidentally you may want to tell your buddies to get them ordered now because if the wait till spring there may not be enough to go around.



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