Lazer HP, 23Hp Kawasaki oil opinions

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by treemonkey, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. treemonkey

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    In lower Michigan, operating temps. will be 40 to 85 F +/- 5 degrees on occasion. The manual says 10w30 or 30 wt. SJ, with the caveat that the 10w30 may increase consumption (combustion chamber buildup too?)

    So, the manual leans me towards the 30wt. SJ. Am I correct?

    That's such an old oil spec. and I wonder what experience others have had following it.

    Are the Kawasaki's a cam/lifter design such that they run better on the high additive levels of an SJ oil vs. that of a modern SM oil?

    Would not a Heavy Duty Diesal/Gas Oil like SJ Rotella 30wt. be best?

    Has anyone tried Amsoil's somewhat new 30 wt. small engine oil that also qualifies as a 10w30?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Eclipse

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    I have always run 10w30 in all of our engine year round (with the exception of the smaller, filter-less, 4 stroke engines).

    I have been thinking about switching to a synthetic 5w40 diesel rated engine oil but I have not made the switch yet.
  3. tacoma200

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    The Briggs I run also leads you to use 30 wt (or Synthetic)for the same reason. From what I have studied single viscosity oil often outperforms multi-viscosity because so many additives are put in multi-viscosity oil to keep it flowing at the extreme temperature ranges. But since you only operate a mower above freezing usually I think they are right in suggesting 30 wt. Some brands like Kohler still recommend 10-30 because of the valves train or something (I forget). Go with the factory suggestions. They have researched this and have reasons for it. If it comes to warranty time it's best to dot your eyes and cross you t's the way the factory suggested.

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