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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jeff in ohio, Oct 26, 2002.

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    I want to buy a new mower for my home only, i have less than an acre on a pretty level lot. I like the looks of your hp's but have some concerns. I realize these are commercial machines, but at around 1000lbs shouldn't I worry about tire ruts?( I water twice per week ) I looked at a 44" but thought it might be tough to trim with, plus the discharge side did not have a scalp wheel. The 52" sounds to big for me if I add a bagging system. Does the 48" have anti-scalp rollers at all 4 corners? I know your machines will mow fast and last nearly forever, but I'm very concerned about quality of cut and overall appearance. Please give me your advise or should I be looking at something different.
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    Hey jeff in ohio,

    Thanks for the post. Any compact, commercial-grade zero turn rider that you choose will weight anywhere from 800 to 1000 lbs. If weight is your only concern, you're going to have to move down into a lighter-duty consumer model, like a Dixon or Toro Timecutter.

    If you want to go with a commercial grade machine (which I would highly recommend ;) ), there are some things you can do to keep tire ruts to a minimum.

    #1 - Make sure that your tire pressure is correctly set at 13 psi (front and rear).

    #2 - Practice, practice, practice. When you go to make your turn, just make sure that you keep both tires moving. As soon as one tire stops, it will want to grip and tear the turf. If you keep them turning, this will minimize this problem. If you're doing a true zero turn, one tire should move in the forward direction, while the opposition tire moves in the opposite direction.

    #3 - If you are still having problems, you may have to conduct a three point turn. The best way to demonstrate how a three point is done is to show you. Since I can't do that, I constructed a crude drawing of a three point turn. Take a look at the attached drawing and see if you get what I'm trying to demonstrate. The attached drawing is very small, but you can modify it with MS Photo Editor. I couldn't make it any larger because of size restrictions.

    In the first part of the turn you're going forward. Next, you're backing up and turning. Finally, you're going forward again and turning to straighten up for your next pass.

    #4 - Slow the ground speed of the unit when making your turn. DO NOT throttle down. The speed at which the blades are turning has nothing to do with the ground speed. You control the ground speed by moving the drive levers forward or backwards.

    If you do these four things, you should keep turf tearing to a minimum. Can you still tear the turf. . .? Sure you can. You just have to be a little careful at first, and before too long, you'll be zipping around like a pro.

    Why go with a commercial grade unit? It's going to last you a long time, it's more durable, resale value on it will be higher (provided you take care of it), you can cut faster, you have more deck/engine options, and the cut quality is excellent. You also get a longer warranty period than most homeowner units.

    You asked about the 48" LHP. The 48" deck has three anti-scalp rollers - two in the center and one on the trim side of the deck. Why don't we have rollers at all four corners? Because we don't need them. Check out the proximity of the right front caster wheel to the front edge of the deck. There's really not enough room for the deck to scalp. The same is true with the rear of the deck.

    The thing you need to do is just make sure that the existing anti-scalp rollers are correctly adjusted for the height at which you are cutting. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at

    Here to help,

    Exmark Customer Support

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    If you try to make the picture larger, you loose a little image quality :confused:. I think you can still see what I'm talking about here. If you can't, let me know, and I can e-mail something to you.


    Exmark Customer Support
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    You may also want to ask yourself the question "can I trim with the 48" deck?" I see you mentioned that about the 44". I hear the 48" is no better there. But I have not sen for myself.

    Now the 52" Lazer Z HP I can say. It does have a little trim side. Hndles great. Ruts are NOT a problem. Even though the machine is heavy, it has very good floatation. It turns very smooth too.

    I don't believe you'll tear any turf up turning if you allow yourself some time to become familiar with turning smoothly. Now of course you could cause damage if you "skid" the machine around fast.

    I took one out for a demo after a few days of rain. I used it sensibly and did fine. The 52" is allright by me.

    Also remember to change mowing patterns as needed to stop any ruts that may occur. A 500 LB lawn tractor will do it to some yards if you drive in the same tracks a time or two. That goes to show weight is not an issue, the issue is how well it's distributed.

    As for the size of the machine, unless you have plces that are too tight to mow with the 52", I really doubt you will notice any difference in the extra size except for the fact that you'll get done faster, put less hours on the machine and cut your lawn more times before having to replace it. :D

    If you take care of it, it will last you many many years only mowing your acre of the world. In the long run you'll actually save money v/s buying homeowner equipment and replacing it over and over.

    I'll try to comment a little more tomorrow night since I plan to go look at 60" lazer Z tomorrow. I'll see if what I hear is true on the 48" about the trim. LATER
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    thanks for the info, please let me know what you think of the 48" because I have only seen the 44 and 52, and thought because of the longer frame on the 52 that I would just order the 48. i would like your input.
    jeff in ohio
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    OK, this dealer had a 44" a 48" and two 60" setting in line together.

    The 44" is nice and stocky looking. But it has NO TRIM EDGE on the deck. The rear track is as wide as the deck.

    The 48" is very nice. It has just a little trim edge. But, I don't know if you'd really notice the extra over the 44". I think it would take a long while to get comfortable enough with the machine to use what little trim it has. Trimming up near a wall would be a chore. But heck, you'll have to run the trimmer there anyways.

    As for the frame lenght issue, it's not really that much different. The 52" HP is only 3" longer than the 48". The full size Lazer Z 52" is only about 4" longer than the 48" HP. I really don't see the point in the size difference there. The most noticable thing is that the full size Z's are a little taller.

    To me the major difference between the Z and the HP is the way the engine is mounted and the price difference.

    I hope this info helped. I really do. I know these things can be hard to sort out. I'm going through this now. Sometimes it seems the more I study and look, the more confused I become. :confused:

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