lazer hp, battery not charging.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TClawn, May 9, 2005.

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    I recently installed a new kohler engine on my lazer hp. it is not the exact spec number of the previous kohler that was on there, so the wiring is a bit different. I tried to match up the colors from the mower, with the same colors that they were going to on the previous engine.

    I need to know what color wire on the mower actually charges the battery. and the color wire on the mower that should be with the wire that charges the battery.

    I think that the wire coming from the engine that charges teh battery is purple (comes from the regulator). but I don't know the one from the mower.

    SO, if you would be so kind as to tell me which wire goes where, I would be most appreciative.

  2. rick2752

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    This should help you. Find your model and then the model the motor came off of or fits. It is in the last pages of the operators manual. There is a wiring diagram.
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    Yes the regulator (+) out put is purple. This regulators will not switch on until they get a single of at least 4 volts from the battery. Turn the key switch to the RUN postion but to not start the engine. See if you have power at the regulator on the purple wire. If not go farther back, if you do have battery voltage at the regulator on the purple wire then the regulator may be bad. With the key switch in the RUN postion and the engine off just check the wires in the group you thank it is in until you find it. Now when you do find it see if it turns off when you turn the switch off. If it stays on keep looking.

    PS>The cheap 12 volt test lights sometimes work better on stuff like this. Most meter will read voltage with no current or "phantom". I can hold my test lead in one hand and touch the battery post wiht my other hand and the meter will read battery voltage. The same thing can happen on lawn mowers. The meter will read voltage though the dirt and muck when there is nothing really there.
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    the regulator doesn't do anything until is see's 4 volts. So there has to be a load for it to work. Yeah now I know why when i was checking to see if the R/R, worked on the, I never saw volts unless the bat was hooked up! hahah


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