Lazer HP bogs/kills in reverse, please suggest

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    Whenever I go into reverse w/ my Lazer Z HP (19 HP Kaw/60 hours) it bogs down/tries to kill (sorta sounds like a combination of both). It doesn't acyually ever kill, but you hear the engine drop considerably. It only happens when I go in reverse. Now if i go into reverse very slowly, it usually doesn't happen (about half as fast as I normally do). It does this on level ground and hills. Seems to do it a little more frequently on hills. I took it to the dealer a week ago, but it would not do it while he rode it after I dropped it off or while I rode it the next day at the dealer's to try to show him, but the next time I mowed with it, it started to happen again. It used to seem to do it a whole lot more on hills so my dealer suggested he change the mercury tilt safety switch, but I said, if it's not doing it for you or me right now, we'll just play it by ear because it may not be neccessary. But now it even does it on level ground. It also hasn't done it at a lower throttle w/out the blades engaged if that helps. Is this a hydro belt slippage problem, possibly? I've heard many here say they have had problems w/ hrdro belt slippage. Are these symptoms for it? If not, What do you guys think? I will take it to my dealer tommorrow, but would like lawnsite members' opinions on it, thanx very much! Any additional information you need before you answer, just ask for it!
  2. 65hoss

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    Sounds like you might be lifting off the seat just a little and your safety switch is not adjusted properly. I would hear mine doing the same thing when MikeLT1Z28 was on it. When he pulled the handles back it would lift him just enough off the seat to try to kill it. I only have this happen if I lift off. Just a thought.
  3. carl28

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    don't know if it helps but I've given up on the kawaski as a engine in anything bigger than a walk behind with 18 machines in the daily fleet and 6 spares i've found that the kawaski regarless of hp dose not have the low end torque that we get from the kohlers. all of my lasers and turf tracers now have the kohler engines and so do all but two of my walkers with kubotas and liquid cooled which will probably be phased out this year
  4. Vibe Ray

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    I forgot to mention something that I should have.....The bog/kill syndrome only does it for a second after you go in reverse (in other words you go inyo reverse it and as soon as you do it bogs down/tries to kill only for about a second and then it works fine and you can continue to go in reverse in that speed without any other bogging/killing. I'm taking it to my dealer friday most probably. Does no one here truly have any idea what this is or any suggestions besides 65hoss?
  5. 65hoss

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    Since your saying it only happens for just a split second it really sounds like what I was saying. The movement you make in the seat is causing it. It just needs to be adjusted for you. The exmark factory reps put mine together and they fine tuned mine to my weight. It took a couple of minutes to get it perfect.
  6. 65hoss

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    Hey vibe, have you seen exmarks reply to your post. They believe the same I do. Check into it. It really sounds like that is your problem.

    Good luck
  7. dhenegar

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    Make sure your dump valves are closed completely. I bought a brand new hp this year and it did not have any power at all in reverse, come to find out my dealer had (forgot) to close them when he took it off the truck and rolled it.
  8. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yah, I'm pretty sure it's the seat switch thing you guys are all talking about. Just seemed like too easy of a solution to tell you the truth. Now is it possible for it to be faulty or do you think it just needs to be adjusted? I was thinking about replacing the mercury tilt switch and the seat switch just to be safe because it really just started happening all of a sudden, which makes me think they may be faulty.
  9. TLS

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    These seat switches have a timed delay, thats why you are thinking it is something else. They are adjustable, but the problem lies with the fact that if you are a lightweight, the spring is too heavy and as soon as you go in reverse, your butt slides foreward on the seat causing the back to rise up (due to spring) and kill motor. Did you try unhooking the connector at the bottom of the switch? If this fixes it, then this is your problem. The suspension seat upgrade cures this as the switch is now inside the cusion of the seat. Possible cheaper cures: find a weaker spring, adjust seat foreward all the way (so your butt stays toward the back), and the other option is.........I will not say, but I'm sure you know what it is. (has to do with making it non-operational) Not advised, but 95% of the mowers out there have theirs unhooked. But you didn't hear that from me! Got it?

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