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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by deason, May 7, 2002.

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    Recently I have purchased the Lazer HP 52" with 23 Kholer. The quality of cut is fantastic and keeping your hat from blowing off in the wide open is hard to do! A very productive machine.

    I do have a question. Just curious, what is the purpose of the offset in the frame structure? The front casters seem to be to the inside of the left rear wheel and outside of the right rear. I have noticed that on slight hills when the right side of the machine is to the top of the hill, the right front caster is sometimes off the ground. The left caster is always on the ground. Yes, I have checked tire pressure and all is normal. This Is posing no problems as far as the quality of cut or the manuverablility of the machine. It's just driving me nuts that I cant figure out why they are offset like that. Is there a purpose for this?
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    Thanks for the question. The offset is there because it helps to improve the quality of cut. I probably shouldn't post this because so many of our competitors now have this design as well and some of them don't know what it's for.

    Several years ago the engineers realized that some decks could lift the grass that the caster tires had ran over while others did not. What they found after some experimentation is that the blade is better able to lift the grass back up if the caster tire is placed at the center or right of the spindle. The blade just has a little more lift and a little more time to lift it with the front caster tires staggered to the right.

    Petty cool huh?

    There you go. It's all about quality of cut.


  3. 65hoss

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    Deason and I were in his garage the other night discussing this. We couldn't figure it out. Glad to know I can now put my mind to rest.
  4. Vibe Ray

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    Not to mention it REALLY helps out in trimming! I'm sure I don't have to explain why it's self explanatory: The left wheel is more to the center and allows you to trim a lot closer when you are trimming curvy things or even sharp inside corners, it just cuts a little closer, if u don't catch my driftage, just try trimming with both sides on curvy things and sharp inside corners and notice how much closer you can get. just a little less to trim and it all adds up u know! BTW, this is why I thought u guys designed it this way, cuz it is very effective and it's cool to know that it also improves the quality of cut! Thanks for telling us that, now I feel smart 4 the day!
  5. Vibe Ray

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    Thought I should point out the fact that I am mulching and using a small 44' Lazer, I'm sure that makes a difference, but it's still cool!

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