lazer hp great for leaves

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scott's turf, Nov 25, 2002.

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    My new 52" lazer hp that I bought new in June has turned out to be a huge time saver for leaves as well. I use it similar to a push blower to suck up the leaves and spit them out as I steadily push the row back to the woods in most cases. My helper with clean out the beds with the bp blower and any leaf dust that the mower doesn't move easily. By the time you get to the edge of the lawn the pile is reduce significantly and is then dispersed into the woods. I used to use the same technique with my belt drive wb but I had to be contantly going in circle for there was no reverse. The other benefit is using the ztr as a leaf plow to move the row of leaves when they get too heavy. I just drop the deack all the way down and plow them into the woods. I think I will make an actual plow for next season though because sometimes the mower would ride up over the piles. Does anyone else use a similar technique?
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    scott i know what u talkin. now mabe i can help u a bit. in stead of moving the whole row of leaves ,take random cuts thru the leaves ,as u go , u will find the move much faster and u are moving a lot smaller leaf particles. this also helps in wind as the small peices dont blow around as much . believe it or not theres a good bit to learning about how to work leaves.its worth the trouble when u get it dn tho.hope this helps and yes that lazer is one heck of a leaf mulcher.

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