Lazer HP leaving strips of grass.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mad_wrestler, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Tvov

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    One more thing to check -- Are all the blades the same length? It happens very rarely with factory blades, but check the length of all the blades. One may be a bit short. This happens to me a lot when I try to save money and buy cheapo after market blades.
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    While you are at the dealer have him order you a tachometer. The one offered by Stihl and Echo is very thin, has an available wire & clip and the readout is large. The price will be >$100.00 but is worth every penny. You have lost more than that in time already.

  3. dishboy

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    To much deck rake will cause this on the short bladed 48 deck. Also cutting to much grass on a single pass. The 48 likes 1/8 inch rake or less. You can buy a John Deere blade height checker for under 10 dollars.

    As far as buying a tack, Briggs sells a wire tack for around $12.00.
  4. Blessed 1

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    My 48 HP had a bracket just rear of the discharge chute that had to be removed when I installed the mulching kit. Before I removed it, it was leaving a small streak of grass same as yours. Hope this helps!
  5. Markf

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    Try a search on the subject. I know that last year my son (sgoalie23) had the same problem with an Exmark AS 60". Also, do a search on the Exmark sponsor site. He also addressed the problem there. Hope this helps.
    Mark :waving:
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    If none of this pans out the problem... force the blades around to where they meet and see if they match up. I quit buying the eXmark blades mulching blades because the steel is too thin and weak. The blades flex under load and cause this off and on. But eventually they remain flexed down and you can see where they don't match up.

    If the blades are the problem let me know and I'll tell you what to get.

    If this still is not the problem, the mulch kit may have to come off because a warped deck is suspect. Some warp during manufacturing so you will have to check this with a 4' level.

    But if the blades match up you can tell a lot by adjusting the deck to dead level, slipping all 3 blades to sit front to back like so ( l l l ) and taking measurements at all 3 tips front and back. Past that I can advise on how to check it with a level....

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