Lazer HP - Loss of Hydraulic Fluid

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by abcxyz, Jun 4, 2004.

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    After doing a lot of research, I decided to purchase an Exmark for home. Bought a Lazer HP 52" - delivered Tuesday.

    Today (Friday) was first day I had time to use it - mowed for about 2 hours - most fun I ever had mowing grass.

    However, after a few hours, the drive started making a grinding noise and became harder to steer, especially with the right lever - at first, I thought it was just my inexperience driving a ZTR but it quickly became worse. Got it back to the house (about 50 yds) while I was still able to steer.

    When I checked the hydraulic fluid tank it was almost empty! Took almost a full qt of Mobil One to bring it back to level.

    Dealer is coming to get it.

    Question I have for you longterm users - what damage has probably been done and what response should I expect from the dealer?

    Hate to have this type of trouble on a mower with 2.3 hours on the meter (and that cost me several thousand dollars).

    So much for web research! I had decided the Exmark was worth the extra money because of the reputation for dependability. I expected this mower to be the last one I ever bought.

    Kind of sours me on the whole deal.
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    First let me apologize for any inconvenience. Fortunately while it is a pretty big inconvenience it is unlikely that any damage occurred.

    What happens as a general rule is that the pumps will not have enough fluid to create drive however they will have more than enough to lubricate. Think of it like an oscillating sprinkler. If you turn the hose down real low the sprinkler quits going around and around. There's still water running out the sprinkler however there is just not enough to create the necessary motion.

    We actually see a few similar cases each year due to aftermarket filters. About 2 or 3 times per year we'll get a call from customers who has just finished servicing the hydro drive system and it ran fine for a while and now has lost drive. If the wrong filter is used it will starve the hydros for oil. In most cases the figure out there’s a problem before any damage can be done because the loose drive long before they loose lubrications.


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    I probably overreacted to the situation - it was just so disappointing to run into a problem the first time out - and I came in and immediately sat down at the computer before having a chance to put things in perspective.

    Glad to hear you didn't think any damage was done.

    The dealer found a bad o-ring in one of the fittings which allowed the leak. They have returned the mower to me.

    I noticed a VERY loud whine in the hydro when I put the mower away in the garage but I'm guessing this may be there a while because the leak introduced air into the system that will eventually work it's way out? Does this sound correct?

    Am leaving on vacation for a week so won't be able to run it for an extended amount of time until I return.

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    First you did not over react. You spend time, energy and effort researching what is probably a fairly major purchase for your home. Then after all that time and effort and feeling all giddy about your new lawnmower you bring it home and it breaks the first time out of the gate. I don't think you over reacted at all. In fact I thought you handled it quite well.

    Most people don't realize it but with any product, whether it's a TV, a car or a lawnmower your chances of having a problem in the first 10 yours of use are greater than they are for the next several years in some cases. Why? Because we are all human. We don't use a bunch of mindless robots hear at Exmark. Craftsman build our products. Like all of us, even a great craftsman can make a mistake. I truly appreciate you patience and understanding.

    The noise you are hearing is air. It will purge itself in 15-60 minutes after you begin mowing the next time you are cutting your lawn. It's nothing to worry about. We have much better tools to ensure air is eliminated from the hydros hear at the factory than your dealer does.


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    Exmark went to a cast hydro tank w/ some real chessy clamps on the lines from the hydro tank. I have seen several that are leaking badly. My friend has a 1 year old Lazer HP, and one of the lines came off the hydro tank. We replaced the clamps w/ worm gear clamps. Make sure your dealer replaces those clamps w/ worm gear type clamps to keep the lines from leaking or falling off.
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    Just to clarify.......we've always used cheesey clamps..........we only switched the tank............

    Screw clamps do offer much more clamping pressure but in most cases it really isn't needed. All of the areas where the squeeze clamps are used are low pressure lines.



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